Did you know Apple is not on Twitter?

When you’re one of the biggest and most loved brands in the world, you’d expect the first action someone in the marketing department would do is set up an active Twitter account.

But one of the biggest brands in the world, Apple, has decided their @Apple account and their thousands of followers should wait for any such interaction.

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Copywriting. All you need to know to get customers gossiping!

It’s always great when we receive an email that really sticks. Whether it’s a company selling a product or service, we all feel relieved when the copy is spot on and builds an instant connection. Here are our top 5 copywriting tips, which will get customers gossiping about your campaigns…


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Apple Pay has arrived! But what is it?

With the world of mobile moving quickly, you can be forgiven for missing an app release every so often.

But with Apple Pay, Apple’s latest transactional app, the hype has spanned globally with already 250,000 locations nationwide accepting the payment method.

But just in case you missed it here’s a few facts and features about the app which coincide with your hectic lifestyles.

So what is Apple pay?

Apple pay technology allows users to pay for goods or services with their phone or Apple watch by hovering it over a card reader (similar to contactless payments).

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Did you miss this powerful campaign from Vauxhall?

Firstly, congratulations to England at the World Cup and finishing 3rd.

As a big football fan I was impressed with the spirit and dedication of the players, representing their country with pride and future generations to come.

As you can imagine with a major football tournament there’s bound to be many adverts pushing non-related football products down our throats from, washing up liquid to highly unnecessary premium Italian tyres.

But one campaign that really stood out to me was this fantastic advert by Vauxhall Motors (yes another car brand)…

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The internet battle has begun…


A quote from Tom Goodwin VP of Strategy and Innovation at Havas Media made me stop and think…

The power of the internet has completely changed the way we live and the shift in our everyday experiences heavily rely on the power of mobile phones.

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The new kids on the block that you might not have heard of

We’ve all heard of ‘death by PowerPoint’, but now there’s a new kid on the block in presentation software, well two new kids in fact.

Those of you on the ball will know that neither are new, but have you really explored what different presentation tools can do for you?


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