e-shot™ Help Centre: Latest Features

Our crack team of developers are continually working on improvements to the e-shot™ platform. Here you'll find all the latest updates and improvements we have made to help propel your email marketing to new heights!

Microsoft Dynamics


You can now energise and empower your customer engagement like never before by utilising Microsoft Dynamics for real-time information and collaboration. With our seamless integration you can easily automate your contact data into email lists and trigger emails to be sent.

Key features gained by using Microsoft Dynamics with e-shot™ include: the ability to send leads directly into email lists as they're created. Harness the effectiveness of being able to send targeted follow up emails instantly. And trigger Workflows as tasks are created. All of this allows you to maximise the value and effectiveness of your email marketing.

Dashboard Update


You'll notice the dashboard and various pages across the platform have been updated to accommodate the capability of sending SMS through e-shot™. This service is available to all customers and can be activated by contacting your account manager and setting up an SMS credit account.

Not only does your Dashboard now reflect the addition of SMS but we've also added some handy shortcut buttons to create messages, view reports and import contacts. You will also see that you can now filter how your stats are displayed allowing you to customise the date range you wish to view.

We’re really excited about the introduction of SMS and look forward to seeing lots of multi-channel campaigns flying out of e-shot™



SMS can dramatically boost your results, no matter what your industry, and used well can have a positive and amplifying effect on your communications.

Our SMS service is fully integrated to your e-shot™ dashboard and delivers best in class, granular reporting of each individual contact's email and/sms engagement. You can now enjoy all the functionality of a Single Send campaign but in an SMS format, allowing instant delivery to customers who don't check their email very often.

SalesForce Synchronisation


Integrating our pioneering e-shot™ software with Salesforce is the stuff of email marketing dreams! Like teaming fish and chips, Holmes and Watson or Batman and Robin; some combinations simply belong together and bring out the best in each other.

This deep, seamless integration gives you full access to the rich data that allows you to perform the fastest, most intelligent automated email marketing. Managed and operated from one intuitive interface, this means no more app-switching, importing or fuss. We've always made it simple, now we make it even easier to maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing.



If you use OpenTable in your business we can help you make the most of your bookings!

Collecting customer feedback, refer a friend campaigns or simply sending a voucher to encourage a repeat visit, is all made easy with the new OpenTable and e-shot™ integration. Try combining this with an Automated Series campaign to really amplify your results and maximise your bookings.

Making the transition to automated emails and keeping your diners up-to-date is now as simple as 'mains away...'! Ask your account manager about setting this up for you.

Beyond the Click (CANDDi)


Do you want to know what your email recipient does "Beyond the Click"? Would you like to see their journey through your website and get valuable insight into how engaged they are with your business? With our partnership with CANDDi this dream becomes an actionable reality.

The integration with CANNDi is unique to e-shot™ and goes a step further than just putting the CANNDi tracking code into your emails. Within the contacts section of e-shot™ you can not only view your contacts complete email engagement history, but also have visibility of what your audience does after your email has been sent. You and your team have never been in a better position when identifying warm leads.

Advance A/B testing


Marketers love to test, learn and optimise campaigns, but time is not always on our side. Our advanced testing feature is so easy to use that now there is no excuse.

Test multiple aspects of your campaign such as subject lines, content and more. Then simply choose the winning campaign confident that you will achieve the best result possible. You can also explore the best times to send your campaigns and build a profile of your customers using our market leading reporting. Then simply take that data and optimize your campaigns based on the insights it provides.

Date Driven


Send automatic reminders to your customers or just say "Happy Anniversary" by using our date driven campaign feature.

In our easiest form of email automation, you can effortlessly engage with your audience to make them feel special or even enhance your customer service by sending a polite reminder. Who doesn't appreciate advance warning of a key date i.e. appointment, MOT or contract renewal?

Taking only moments to set up, this simple campaign can run happily in the background giving you all the benefits but not taking up any of your precious time.

Automated Series


Perfect for progressively profiling your contacts as well as comprehensive lead nurturing, Automated Series is a sequence of emails, actions, delays and conditions, triggered by a contact being added to a group on your e-shot™ account. It’s ideal for creating auto responders, as well as sending more relevant content, based on how contacts have interacted with previous correspondence.

Automated Series means cutting out manual work, saving time and effort as well as improving the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of your email marketing.

The feature is being rolled out incrementally for e-shot™ customers. To find out the date of when it'll be available on your account, please contact your Account Manager. It shouldn't be long at all, but in the meantime, why not check out the other features in our latest release, or learn more about Automated Series by watching the resources within the Video Tutorials section of the Help Centre.

Recurrent Campaign


Recurrent Campaigns mean it's now easier than ever to set up a repeated, scheduled campaign to send at a frequency of your choice, such as every week, month or particular time of day.

When used in conjunction with Dynamic HTML Upload messages, you can now fully automate weekly or monthly newsletters with totally dynamic content curated from your website.

Dynamic HTML Upload


All e-shot™ users will now have access to the Dynamic HTML Upload message creation method.

Dynamic HTML Upload means that e-shot™ automatically creates a message from a set web URL, with the HTML code being uploaded 20 minutes before the scheduled send time of the campaign. This web URL could be a curation of the previous week’s top blog posts, products or any other content that might be required in an automatically updated routine.

This is ideal for use with the Recurrent Campaign feature, as a frequency of your choice can be set for the campaign to send every week, month or particular time of day with no user input at all.


e-shot's™ various upgrade options help you get the most from the system. For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager.


Landing pages

Boost your conversions with your very own landing page system. Choose an existing template or ask us to design one for you from scratch.


Add your own branding to the e-shot™ system pages, making your email, website and subscription links completely uniform.


Create polls and survey questionnaires for learning about anything from customer satisfaction to employee engagement.


Our in-built RSVP events system. Get to know who's interested in attending your event and collate your data on e-shot™

Inbox Review

e-shot's™ render testing platform, allowing you to see how well your email performs in over thirty two different email clients and fifteen different spam filters.


Our SOAP API interacts with e-shot™. Everyday tasks accessible within the e-shot™ dashboard can be automated via the API, managing task such as; importing and managing contacts, getting contact and campaign information, creating messages and campaigns and queuing campaign sends. More information can be found at: http://api.e-shot.net

REST API (in beta)

Only available as "read only" right now. Full documentation to be available soon, however if you have a specific requirement please do get touch with your Account Manager to discuss progress and available options.