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Consultation & Support

With you every step of the way

Your dedicated partner for the complete development lifecycle

We know that the devil is in the detail, and you need your solution to support your business long after the initial development phase.

We can help you get started, helping you understand feasibility, potential budget requirements and likely development timescales. Sometimes you just need someone who has been there, done that, for the reassurance that you need to know you are on the right track.

We understand that you want your investment to work hard for you, so by continuing to support you and, if you wish, hosting your solution, you can ensure maximum output through a single point of contact. And as your business grows we can work with you to evolve and develop so you remain in total control of your business' acceleration.

All aspects of our software development are conducted with the utmost client confidentiality, bound by non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and legal contract.

Scoping and specification services

Getting the foundations right is essential to any build. And when the software we build is the foundation of your business it has to be right. We'll guide you through a thorough investigation of your needs and requirements, along with consideration of any audit or compliance requirements to develop both an initial specification and roadmap for development. Collaborating across functions, understanding both technical and business drivers.

Understand the value and potential the right software can have for your business.

Start on the right foot


By choosing to host with us your hardware and software can work in perfect harmony. Safe, secure and totally reliable – just like the software we build. Our infrastructure managers are in close collaboration with our software development team, so we are in complete control 24/7. We can support you as your needs grow and evolve. We ensure that our solutions are safe, scaleable and secure. Find out more about our UK data centre and our commitment to security.

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Ongoing support

The beauty of ongoing support is that you have our expert team on hand all the time. We'll continue to analyse, maintain and tweak your software in line with your needs throughout the support cycle. We will manage security and updates to give you peace of mind. Software is a big investment and integral to your business, with our ongoing support we can maximise your investment.

You'll be in safe hands