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Support, SLA & Evolution

Protecting your investment and building for the future

Protecting your investment

The world is moving fast and as you have taken the step, with bespoke software, to ensure that you are out in front – so the forefront is where you should stay. Our solutions are built to last, by anticipating future requirements and looking at the complete picture we can build you a solution that lays the foundation for a successful infrastructure for many years to come.

A well-documented and well-structured software not only is easier to modify, adapt and troubleshoot. It protects your investment because it documents a solution that is independent to the technology used to create it. When you switch to a new technology, that solution comes with you.

Commitment to Service

At Forfront we're extremely proud of our exemplary levels of customer care, which we constantly strive to improve. We are dedicated to working in partnership with our clients because great results come from clear communication and great collaboration.

We make sure that you are fully informed at every stage of your project, with a single point of contact to make things easy, but are more than happy for you to speak directly with the developers and testers, if you want to talk techie.

We are happy to offer an optional ongoing support service, so you can continue to access our in-house developers even once your project has successfully concluded. Or simply come back to us for the next evolutionary step in your business’ journey.

Evolving with your business

Once your software is built and is live we hand the responsibility for it back to you. This can be daunting. But you won’t be abandoned at this stage to think about support and the important next steps by yourself. We already know each other very well and we anticipate continuing to work with you to keep things evolving for your business.

Firstly, we'll continue to provide software consultancy – asking if the software is doing the right thing for your business now and into the future. Your software will already be scaleable and future-proof but we’ll still be thinking ten steps ahead to ensure it remains so, whatever happens.

Secondly, there will be things to do. These could be slight improvements to your site, or it might be a complete phase of further software development that wasn’t prioritised before. It’s a question of what you need and when.

You don’t have to contact us to support you but our experience is that all of our clients carry on working with us to maximise their investment in the new software. Some clients have been contracting us for software support for a number of years now. That's how things are in software – one project often opens up new avenues and opportunities.