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Business Process Management

Evolution or revolution - reviewing your software in line with your business needs

Bespoke software solutions as unique as your business

We can develop business process management and workflow solutions which will ensure your business runs like clockwork. This not only frees up staff time but also ensures all business tasks and activities are carried out exactly as they should, along with a comprehensive and accessible audit trail. From basic web apps to customer portals we can develop a solution to fit your business need.

Inefficiencies cost many organisations as much as 20 to 30 percent of their revenue each year. A tailored software solution can help you optimise your business process, transform your bottom line and fundamentally change your business for the better.

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Inefficiencies cost many organisations as much as 20 to 30 percent of their revenue each year

Efficiency and automation solutions

Automation of routine tasks can minimise mistakes, saving time and money as well as having the potential to save operating costs through reduced headcount requirements. With a business as unique as yours, why make things difficult trying to fit an off-the-shelf solution, when you can define exactly what you want.

Improve visibility and management information

We have developed software applications that help our clients keep on top of elements that are fundamental to their business success. Whether is it measuring Key Performance Indicators, managing Service Level Agreements or ensuring their Management Information Systems accurately reflect their business needs. We can develop bespoke dashboards, rules engines and pro-active alert systems to ensure all tasks, orders, processes are completed within the agreed timescales.

Compliance & audit

Keeping on top of regulatory and compliance requirements can add a considerable amount of overhead on employees. We can develop software solutions that automatically maintain a detailed audit trail for critical business processes, data and IT assets.

"Forfront have a friendly, creative approach and a good understanding of the commercial realities of running an ecommerce site and I would certainly recommend their service to others."

Owen Turgoose (BEng) - Managing Director, floorpansUsketch

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