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Why campaign processor™?

Campaign Processor™ is a state of the art software solution for enterprises with big data requirements, such as government, local authorities and emergency services. A lightning fast email engine that you can control and trust.

It gives you email sending autonomy and cuts out the middle man.

Your data is exactly where you want it, whether that's in your own building, in the cloud or in a data centre of your choice.

It can deliver a million emails in just ten minutes and, no matter how many emails you send, Campaign Processor™ never slows down.

Is it right for me?

If you've got a vast amount of sensitive data then retaining control and maintaining security is paramount.

When it comes to really big data you should never take risks, and trusting your sensitive data on the systems of a third party - like an email marketing service provider - is an added vulnerability.

Undertake all the email marketing you want, at extraordinary speed, without losing control of your data. Implement Campaign Processor™ in-house, in the cloud or wherever suits you.

Campaign Processor™ is the answer.

Relax, safe in the knowledge your data isn't being exposed to anyone outside your company. Your clients will appreciate the added security and so will you.

Peace of mind

For eighteen years we have understood the importance of combining efficient delivery with data security.

That's why we developed Campaign Processor™. To give our email marketing platform e-shot™ a robust, secure and extremely fast engine.

Now, for the first time, we’re making Campaign Processor™ available to enterprises.

Need security, speed & control?

Campaign Processor™ is the perfect solution.

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