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e-shot™ has provided a fantastic service with exceptional results. The ease of use and excellent support has enabled us to control, design and send our customised e-shots without breaking a sweat. Rosehill Press



Different ways to send. For efficient and effective email marketing

Creation tools

Multiple message creation methods. Make your ideas a reality

Contacts & Data

Import, organise and control your data. Better targeting and contact profiling


What happens after you send? Unique analytics that explain how your subscribers behave

Administration & Add-ons

Extra features and tools to expand e-shot's capabilities


Help make e-shot™ work for you. Sync your systems and additional analytics


Powerful, intelligent tools for emails that reach the right people at the right time.

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Marketing services


Different ways to send

For efficient and effective email marketing

Single Send Campaign

Send a one-off email to any number of selected groups of contacts. This is the most common type of campaign.

Recurrent Campaign

Set up a repeating, scheduled campaign to send at a frequency of your choice, such as every week, month or a particular time of day.

Advanced Targeting

Simply send to your chosen contacts or apply performance filtering based on interactions with past campaigns.

Automated Series

Create an automated sequence of emails, actions, delays and conditions for a group of contacts.

Automated Series means cutting out manual work, saving time and effort as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your email marketing. It's perfect for profiling your contacts as well as comprehensive lead nurturing.


Creation Tools

Multiple message creation methods

Make your ideas a reality

Drag & Drop

e-shot's Drag & Drop message creation method is intuitive and fast, meaning anyone can create dynamic, mobile-responsive HTML emails in no time.

Template Wizard

Easily produce a consistent, branded message, using a customised template that renders perfectly on mobile and tablet devices. This method requires no design or HTML experience, use e-shot's step-by-step wizard and simply enter your text, images and links.

HTML Editor

HTML Editor, e-shot's WYSIWYG message creation method, gives you enhanced control over the layout, content and style of your message so you can easily produce a consistent, branded message.

Plain Text

Ideal for a quick alert email or an internal update which doesn't need to be designed.

HTML Upload

Upload your pre-designed message. The unlimited flexibility of HTML Upload makes this message creation method ideal for digital designers.

Dynamic HTML Upload

e-shot™ automatically creates a message from a set web page, with the information uploaded 15 minutes before the scheduled send time of the campaign. All you need to do is update your webpage, e-shot™ will do the rest.


Contacts & Data

Import, organise and control your data

Better targeting and contact profiling


Import your lists using any standard file format. e-shot's sophisticated engine will help you create a suppression list, remove generic addresses (info@, admin@, etc.), automatically refresh contact details and much more.


e-shot™ provides data fields with which to personalise your messages and improve response rates. These can also help in categorising contacts across multiple groups to target specific audiences. Additional fields can be added to suit your personalisation requirements.


Import your list into a segmented group based on any automated filtering criteria. Be even more specific with your targeting.

Opt-in/out Management

e-shot™ has easy, compliant opt-out functionality. Opt-outs are suppressed from all future emails and if you accidentally re-import them they'll remain suppressed and they won't count as part of your contact allowance.



What happens after you send?

Unique analytics that explain how your subscribers behave

Display and Click Tracking

e-shot™ has in-depth interaction reporting to help you to gauge interest and improve your engagement rates. Evaluate the most popular links, export contacts based on their activity and send more accurately targeted follow-ups.

Transaction History

e-shot™ stores a log of all emails sent to each contact, together with their interaction. This means you can assess the performance of individual subscribers, as well as applying powerful, activity-based filtering.

Click Overlay

Click Overlay displays an augmented view of your campaign and highlights the links within your email, which is then annotated with their popularity and related statistics. The information displayed in this feature enables you to optimise the design of your email by helping you to gauge the best placement for your links.

Interaction Timeframes

Track how your email performed over time to discover when the majority of your contacts displayed your message. Then evaluate the best time to send to make sure your email arrives when your contacts are most likely to read it.

Export Reports

All reports can be exported to help you analyse the data or integrate into your database or CRM.


Administration & Add-Ons

Extra features and tools

To expand e-shot's capabilities

Permission-based Users

e-shot™ accounts are designed to reflect the different roles of individuals in an organisation. Users log in to the e-shot™ account with their own credentials. The Administrator can grant or restrict access to functionality, e.g. designers can only access the creation tools.

Send Identities

You can create multiple identities to reflect different campaigns. Identities are pre-defined sending credentials which include From Name, From Address and Reply Address. When sending a campaign you can choose from a list of identities. This is ideal for sending from different divisions of the business or from a particular person.


You can customise the page that subscribers will see when they click the link for managed profile or unsubscribe in your campaigns. If you choose to have branding, this page will be branded with your logo and corporate colours (rather than a plain, generic page).

Inbox Review

Inbox Review is e-shot's render testing platform, allowing you to see how emails will be rendered in over thirty two different email clients (including mobile devices) as well as indicating how the email will score in fifteen different spam filters. It is an invaluable tool for ensuring increased delivery rates and making sure recipients receive messages that look exactly as they were intended.


Create polls and survey questionnaires for learning about anything from customer satisfaction to employee engagement.

Importantly, your respondents will not need to reenter their personal details, improving the likelihood that surveys will be completed.


With the Events system you can advertise your events and enable individuals to register for an event.



Help make e-shot™ work for you

Sync your systems and additional analytics

API Integration

e-shot's Application Programming Interface (API) not only increases efficiency, but can help reduce workloads by automating daily tasks. Automatically push new and updated contact information or retrieve reports and useful statistics into your internal system.

Sign-up Forms

Organically grow your subscriber list using e-shot's sign-up form generator. Create a form, in-line with your branding, and host it on your website to capture new opt-in subscriber information into your e-shot7#153; account directly.

Google Analytics

Automatically append campaign parameters on links within your email to record valuable information in Google Analytics about the e-shot™ campaign that led users to your site.


CANDDi’s revolutionary analytics platform, in tandem with e-shot™, means email marketing with incredible insight.

CANDDi's core technology is a big-data analytics platform that brings together click-stream data, Personal Identifiable Information and CRM data to produce deep analysis of visitors. CANDDi recognises and tells you who is on your website, not just how many people. It provides real time visitor level data for automated interactions, but can also generate aggregated data for more traditional analysis at a level not seen before.



Powerful, intelligent tools

For emails that reach the right people at the right time


You can use a custom domain to ensure brand recognition, brand awareness and consistency throughout all of your communications. This will protect your reputation and increase deliverability.

Virtual Sending Group

A Virtual Sending Group is an IP range shared with other marketers of similar sending behaviour, which mutually assists sending reputations.

Dedicated IPs

Completely protect your own sending reputation from other senders by being isolated on your own IP address.

MIME Compliant Emails

e-shot™ will generate a text version from your HTML campaign automatically, helping to improve engagement.

Fast, Efficient Sending

e-shot™ emails are sent from our purpose-built, powerful mail servers, designed for high-volumes. Without affecting your own corporate mail server (relay, blacklisting, antispam etc.) we use the latest information and analysis to throttle sending automatically to achieve optimum deliverability.