The Importance of Green Marketing

Individuals are becoming increasingly concerned with becoming eco-friendly in business, which is why it should be increasingly important for your business to boost its “green” image.

To support those planet conscious individuals you may be considering how your business could relay this message, which in turn, could help customers to choose you over your competitors.

Email marketing could be the first step to let your clients know that you care for the future of our planet.

Statistics found by state that 51% of environmental service businesses are currently engaged in email marketing and another 31% plan to do so in the future. Following suit of environmental businesses may be the key to creating a green image for your company.

In 2009 the American Marketing Association found that more than half of corporate marketers believe their organisations will increase their involvement in environmental sustainability over the next two to three years – don’t get left behind!

Find out how we are saving the planet, paper by paper!

Social Media Week London September 24th-28th 2012

Social Media week has been running for three consecutive years. This year social media week was reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change. Social Media Week holds events and seminars across the globe from Los Angeles, Hong Kong to here in London.

e-shot’s Jeff got involved with social media week on Monday 14th attending ‘The Rise of social Customer Service’ seminars, with speakers; Simon Preece, Social Media Manager from Sainsbury’s, Nico Henderijckx, Social Media Manager from Sony Europe, Coral Summer, Account Manager from Tempero, Martin Hill-Wilson, Consultant from Brainfood Training and the founder of Our Social Time, Luke Brynley-Jones.

This two hour seminar explored the rapid rise in the use of social media for customer service. We now see an increased percentage of customers using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to flag up any issues they have with a particular company. In the digital age, customers know have a voice, and with these social media channels, they can be heard. With big companies like Sainsbury’s and Sony now increasing their efforts in social media channels to create a better way to communicate to their customers and keep them satisfied.

Here is some information from the seminar:

Delivering Customer Centric Service (Simon Preece – Sainsbury’s)

  • 5% of all Sainsbury’s customer service contacts are through social;
  • While only a small proportion of people currently use social media channels to complain, the impact can be greater with more people witnessing the exchange
  • Social customer service tips – make it personal, helpful, and chatty
  • Not every mention of your brand name on the social web requires a response; can feel a bit big brother-ish if you reply to everything

How to help your fans help you (Nico Henderijckx – Sony)

  • Sony is focusing on enabling help from community members as efficient form of customer service (training their most expert fans to support others)
  • Allow end users to help other end users in social customer service.
  • Sony 85% solve rate with peer-to-peer online support and complex problems solved faster than support line call
  • ‘Ignite the passion’ in your community – the most important thing is to make ‘super’ users feel special

The Growing pains of Social customer Service (Martin Hill-Wilson – Brainfood Consulting)

  • 65% people prefer social media to call centres for customer service – will this increase?
  • BT tweets around London riots reduced 999 waiting times from 41 seconds to 0
  • According to Click Fox, only 3.5% of customers remain unaffected by negative comments on a brand platform.

For more information on the seminar and what else was said you can also visit:

And to see what else happened in the social media week around the globe you can visit:

The Twitter Update: Perfect for Branding & Marketing!

New Twitter updates mean that the social networking site will now allow you to upload your own header image (viewable on all devices). As a business it is a great opportunity to increase branding across your profile, in a similar way to how Facebook already allows you to.

Take full advantage of this by testing out your creativity and creating a header people will remember!

Here are some good examples of a well planned header

Creating something amusing is always memorable; use your imagination to think of something readers will enjoy!

Branding is important, using appropriate images with a clear succinct logo in the centre is likely to be effective.

So put your creativity to the test and see what you can come up with. Time is of the essence while it’s still a hot topic, an imaginative header may bring in a lot of views, so get on it ASAP!


Thor on Tour!

Not only has Thor’s tour has taken him around the UK this week – but he’s been spending time with some celebrities too. Here’s a picture sent in of Thor hanging out with the Angry Birds and Ted! Looks like Thor has Celebrity Friends!

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Hanging with the Angry Birds

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