Campaign of the Month: Digital Opinion – November

Congratulations to Digital Opinion

This month we have chosen a campaign from Digital Opinion. Here’s why we chose this campaign:

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Good use of engaging imagery
  • Good use of pallet.

To congratulate Digital Opinion they have been awarded 400 e-shot loyalty points.

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Facebook Page vs. Website for Businesses

Leading market research company, Lab42 asked 1,000 social media users how they felt about Liking brands on Facebook, finding what entices people to ‘Like’ and stops them ‘un-liking’.

Half of those asked thought a brand’s Facebook page was more useful than its website.

82% said Facebook was a good place to interact with brands, of which 35% said that brands listen to them more on Facebook. If you are not already doing so, maybe it’s time to consider how efficiently your business is using Facebook.

“Whatcha gonna do Coca Cola?”

Following last months article: “Social Media Week London September 24th-28th 2012″ using social media is another way of giving your customers a voice. With customers writing positive things about the brand it allows others to see how great they are and share their opinion. However, on the other hand, dis-satisfied customers can bombard you with negativity for others to see as well. Customers are now using brand’s social media pages as a channel for customer support other than their website as it allows other customers to see and comment.

The image on the right shows an example of social media giving a customer a voice. This got us thinking. What would you do if this was your Company?

How To Make The Most of Facebook

The survey showed that the best ways to encourage Facebook interaction is by using print off coupons and spreading information about new products. Check out our deals this month on our FacebookPage.

When asked what their biggest motivation for initially ‘Liking’ a page, customers said:

  •       Promotions/discounts (34%)
  •       Free giveaways (21%)
  •       Loyal customer (14%)
  •       Brand trust (11%)
  •      Other (20%)

Keeping people interested and stopping them ‘Unliking’ is crucial when making the most of your social media page. 73% said they have Unliked a page mainly because the posts were too frequent. Bombarding people with adverts and information will most likely not have the desired effect.

Keep posts down to a minimum and promotions to the maximum!

ICO Threaten Spammers with a Fine!

The ICO (The Information Commissioner’s Office) revealed on 1st October 2012, letters they have sent to two people accused of illegally sending millions of spam text messages and were subsequently fined over £250,000. Marketing by text message and emails are subject to strict rules to reduce spamming. The ICO started to collect information in March from members of the public who had received unwanted calls and texts.

The ICO are now investigating eight companies that could face further action if proved that they have not complied with the law. There are many businesses who use direct marketing to try to sell their products and services to consumers, however all businesses must ensure that they remain on the right side of the law. The law on marketing by SMS and email states that generally you will need prior permission from the individual before sending any messages.

If the individual is a previous customer, the business may be able to rely on the “soft opt-in”, which allows the marketing of similar products or services without express permission, providing the individual’s personal details were collected because of the previous sale or negotiations. An individual should be given the option to opt-out every time a marketing SMS or email is subsequently sent.

When direct marketing is conducted by telephone or post, businesses should check whether they are compliant with the law before proceeding with any marketing initiatives to avoid the potential of receiving significant fines, being sued for damages and losing goodwill.

If a business is collecting personal data from individuals, they need to have a privacy policy on their website to inform visitors of how the data is being used.

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This month we are introducing our ‘Inbox Review’ service, a great compliment to the live test feature within the system, enabling previews of your campaign in all popular email clients, including web and mobile devices, perfect for ironing out inconsistencies before confirming your live send, we have utilized the Litmus platform to make this possible.

As part of the service we will give you feedback from all major spam filters, including ISPs, webmail providers, as well as corporate filters.

For EVERY client, we are supplying ‘Inbox Review Lite’ for FREE! Offering previews within Outlook 2003 and G-mail, you will be notified as soon as this is ready.

For more information please contact us on 020 3320 8750

Andy Kearn
Product Manager

Exhibition in October

Hertfordshire B2B Live Exhibition

Hertforshire B2B live exhibition

The e-shot team re-visited the Knebworth Barns in Hertfordshire, for the B2B Live exhibition. This was an opportunity for us to mingle with the local Hertfordshire businesses community all under one roof. Take a look at the photos from the event by clicking here.

Woking Means Business

New places means new faces!” On the 10th October the e-shot marketing team ventured out to Woking for their annual business exhibition. With over 60 businesses exhibiting and varied seminars throughout the day, Woking had many people joining in and networking with each other. One of the great features of the event was the ‘Ask The Experts’ area. People were able to book a free 30 minute consultation with one of the attending experts. Everyone was welcome, whether a start-up or an established business wishing to step up a gear, the experts gave out friendly advice in different areas such as marketing and tax advice to name a few. e-shot’s Peter O’Connell was our expert for the day spreading the knowledge of email marketing.

Remember we are always on hand to help. If you are interested in booking an online demo, need any help with email marketing or want to book a place for one of our seminars, give us a call or visit our website and simply complete our enquiry form.

Email Marketing for Accountants

Email Marketing for Accountants

Regardless of your business size or you location, to achieve sustainable growth you need to consistently generate new leads and prospects, while keeping your existing clients satisfied with you and your company.

One of the best ways to generate new leads but also nurture your existing clients is by implementing an email marketing strategy. Email is a tool that nearly everyone in business uses today and email continues to grow and be more prevalent among internet users worldwide.

Quick fact
“The UK market for email marketing platforms and service was worth £336 million in 2010 and grew by an estimated 15.5% year on year to value of £88 million by the end of 2011.” – (Econsultancy).

Email marketing compared to the traditional direct marketing, or even sending emails from your desktop, has many benefits for accountants.

These are some of the benefits:

Boosting client communication
By using email marketing, new prospects and your clients remain engaged, it allows you to send newsletters that cover topics that are relevant to them. Email marketing puts you in your clients’ inbox. Correctly setup your email campaign and you will have a better chance avoiding spam filters, look at our section on spam filters.

Look professional
You would not want your communication to look unprofessional. e-shot Email marketing solutions will set you up with professional email templates that are consistent with your brand. First impressions are important, especially with new prospects!

Grow through referrals
Emailing newsletters is an easy way to communicate regularly to your clients. Loyal clients can forward your newsletter to their friends or colleagues who in turn may become prospects. To increase your mailing list, create a ‘forward to a colleague’ button on your Newsletter. You can also create a form on your website or any social media sites to drive more referrals to you. Email marketing can potentially turn fans, friends and followers into loyal clients.

Amplify your message
By incorporating your accounting firm message and your social media presence into your email marketing campaigns you can extend your reach beyond your clients. Many of your recipients on your email list could share your message with their friends, family and followers on social media sites. Many businesses now use social media as another channel of marketing. Click here to learn how Social media is affecting your businesses.

Comprehensive Analytics
Email marketing offers you the functionality to analyse your email campaigns. These functionalities will allow you to see who opens the email, clicks and forwards your emails and newsletters. Graphs and reports will show you the breakdown of your recipients interaction. By using these you will get an insight into your clients as you can see what they are interested in and what is popular within your emails. With this you can tailor your future content which will increase your open rate and keep your clients informed.

Email continues to be the most effective marketing channel for businesses. So if you haven’t already considered an email marketing solution it will be worthwhile to look into as it is a clear opportunity to reap benefits. For any advice or help with email marketing, contact us here at e-shot or visit our website.

The Accountex Show


Accountex – is the UK’s only National Exhibition for Accountants and Finance Directors working in practice, business and the public sector.

It will offer an unparalleled opportunity for financial professionals to gain expert insight and education in a live environment, attracting more than 3,000 Accountants and Financial Directors and other decision makers from the accountancy and finance world.

Supported by the UK’s most important Accountancy associations with over 80 exhibiting companies, seminar theatres and workshops, Accountex is set to be an unmissable event for any leading professional in the accounting industry

The event will be held in London, Olympia on the 22-23rd November and we would like to invite Accountants to come and join us. We will be one of many businesses exhibiting for the two days. e-shot’s Peter O’Connell will also be delivering a seminar outlining the ‘effective use of email marketing for maximum returns’. This would be a good day for you to come and visit us if you have any questions you would like answered or you are interested in email marketing.

We are giving away FREE tickets to come and join us at the event. If you are interested, simply complete our enquiry form on our website. Don’t forget any other friends or colleagues that you think could benefit from the Accountex event. Forward this page to them and we hope to see you there.

Tip of The Month: Spam filter traps – November

Although we try to get our clients attention to open up our emails, by using certain phrases, images, caps lock and even exclamation marks, it could also be the reason why it gets placed in the spam folder. The only attention that this actually attracts is……………. the spam folder. In this article we will be showing you different ways and methods to help your emails to reach more people.

Common mistakes

The most common mistakes we see new email marketers make, which result in accidental spam filtering are:

  • Using phrases, like “Click now!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” and using text like “test”, “Amazing”, “Cheap” and “Now”, the List goes on! Visit the Hubspot blog for more Spam words/phrases
  • Going crazy with exclamation marks
  • USING ALL CAPS, (especially in the subject line)
  • Coding sloppy HTML. It is bad practice to use Microsoft and convert a file to HTML
  • An email that is nothing but one big image with little or no text at all within the email can also contribute to spam catagorisation. Spam filters can’t read images so they assume that you’re a spammer that’s trying to trick them and hide words within the images. Always remember the 70% to 30% text to image ratio.

One of the greatest problems facing email marketers is making sure that their email goes to the user’s inbox instead of going through a filter to the spam folder. When everything is driven by whether a user opens an email, this means that the user needs to actually see the email first. How many of us check our spam folders regularly? It would appear, not a lot! Well yes……..we know you do but lots don’t.

Avoiding your emails going to a spam folder is one of the most complicated parts of Email Marketing.

The first step to ensure a successful email campaign is to choose a reliable email sending partner that you are happy with. Here at e-shot we have a great support team to help you create successful campaigns. We offer help, assistance and advice with no added cost on all of our accounts. For more details about us please visit our website or simply pick up the phone and talk to us with any queries you would like answered

020 3320 8750

Upcoming Events – Seminars

We will be running a seminar in Dorking Halls on the 6th November with Peter O’Connell, so please book now as spaces are limited. To book please click here

We will also be in The Accountex event on the 22-23rd November. Peter will also be a main speaker, talking about how effective use of email marketing for maximum returns. For more details visit the link below.