Facebook Page vs. Website for Businesses

Leading market research company, Lab42 asked 1,000 social media users how they felt about Liking brands on Facebook, finding what entices people to ‘Like’ and stops them ‘un-liking’.

Half of those asked thought a brand’s Facebook page was more useful than its website.

82% said Facebook was a good place to interact with brands, of which 35% said that brands listen to them more on Facebook. If you are not already doing so, maybe it’s time to consider how efficiently your business is using Facebook.

“Whatcha gonna do Coca Cola?”

Following last months article: “Social Media Week London September 24th-28th 2012″ using social media is another way of giving your customers a voice. With customers writing positive things about the brand it allows others to see how great they are and share their opinion. However, on the other hand, dis-satisfied customers can bombard you with negativity for others to see as well. Customers are now using brand’s social media pages as a channel for customer support other than their website as it allows other customers to see and comment.

The image on the right shows an example of social media giving a customer a voice. This got us thinking. What would you do if this was your Company?

How To Make The Most of Facebook

The survey showed that the best ways to encourage Facebook interaction is by using print off coupons and spreading information about new products. Check out our deals this month on our FacebookPage.

When asked what their biggest motivation for initially ‘Liking’ a page, customers said:

  •       Promotions/discounts (34%)
  •       Free giveaways (21%)
  •       Loyal customer (14%)
  •       Brand trust (11%)
  •      Other (20%)

Keeping people interested and stopping them ‘Unliking’ is crucial when making the most of your social media page. 73% said they have Unliked a page mainly because the posts were too frequent. Bombarding people with adverts and information will most likely not have the desired effect.

Keep posts down to a minimum and promotions to the maximum!