Campaign of the Month: Diesel card solutions – December

Our featured campaign of the month comes from Diesel Card Solutions, a leading fuel card provider with in excess of 850 multi-branded sites nationwide, serving business which operate fleets of HGVs, cars or vans.

Their email has been chosen as December’s campaign of the month due to the great use of personalisation / dynamic values. As a fuel card provider DCS send regular updates to their clients to inform them of their weekly fuel costs. Utilising e-shot’s powerful personalisation functionality, DCS pull this information from the contact’s record, enabling them to send one campaign, to one audience, but reflect individual account numbers, customer names and prices automatically.
Each week a new copy of their database is imported, using the ‘Overwrite existing data’ option, this then refreshes any account and/or price changes and again the campaign can be sent.

Top 5 Christmas Adverts

We all know “the holidays are coming” when the big, lit up, Coca Cola lorries drive by on the tele – could another Christmas ad ever be as iconic? Last Christmas we saw new contenders, the ‘oh-so-adorable’ John Lewis ad appeared to grip the nation’s hearts thus spurring on a battle for the best ad… If a ‘Christmas Number One’ competition was run for TV adverts as well as songs, these would be our nominees for 2012. 

John Lewis: This year they seem to be taking a similar heartwarming approach with a snowman going through thick and thin to get a present, for a special snow woman, It’s a moving romance between snowman& snow-woman depicting a story of how far a person will go to get that special gift for someone, something that we all have been through every Christmas. Even though it was not as emotive as last year’s, this advert still gets people in a loving mood for this festive season.
TK Maxx: This one is based purely on song choice. Otis Redding – Try a Little Tenderness. Bravo. A good song choice definitely has the power to make an ad, along side the excitement of coming home to loved ones, it certainly is a great match.
Asda: Asda’s advert, which shows no subtlety in aiming at hardworking mums. This advert’s effectiveness is thanks to the successful balance “Christmas is really hard work” and the “Christmas is wonderful” angles. It shows that the hard work of with buying the right presents for family and friends, planning and organizing and not forgetting cooking the meal that will go down as the best meal of the year, always pay off at the end.
Coca-Cola: At a time when we sigh and complain that most ads are just the same, the 2012 Cola ad decided to be creative… The genius of this advert is the message on the box: “For those who don’t believe”. Even though many people, (mostly adults) do not believe in the old man, They still make time to admire Farther Christmas and keep him “alive” for others to see.
Boots: Getting the touching/cheesy levels right can be difficult and Boots are pretty much in the cheesy area – but that’s what Christmas is about, right? Their montage of gift giving is just plain lovely, demonstrating how a simple gift can give

Christmas Shopping Trends – The Facts

It’s the beginning of December, the red and gold decorations go up and the cheery festive songs starting to play on the radio. You can’t help but sing along to them (annoying as they are), Christmas is just around the corner and you can’t help feeling a little excited at the future festivities to come.

With less and less free time – busy shoppers every year are opting to surf on the internet to do their Christmas shopping so, you can understand why emails sent from retailers, online and offline, increase at this time of the year. Whether it is newsletter to their customers about up and coming festive events or extended opening hours to special Christmas offers, email is the most effective communication tool.

Here are some festive facts about the joy of Christmas shopping!

Christmas Spending

  • Mobile phone shopping increased by 15% last Christmas.
  • Christmas 2011, 49% of shoppers spent at least the same amount as Christmas 2010, and only 21% have reduced their spending.
  • Consumers are spending more money online instead of the high street for a variety of reasons, the most obvious especially at Christmas is to avoid crowds, with over two-thirds of respondents citing this as the main reason. In close second and third places, both the convenience and lower prices.
  • Consumers get their vouchers and discount codes in a variety of different ways, the most popular being online methods such as emails (44%).

Christmas Surfing

  • When the checkouts stop ringing on Christmas eve, the internet keeps on going – Massively, 88% of surveyed consumers said they will be online over the Christmas period.
  • 65% of respondents with be using Smartphones and 44% using tablets for accessing social networks.

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