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Until the end of February2013, we’re running a special template promotion, new e-shot templates will cost just £85+vat. To qualify simply visit our Facebook page and like us, your discount code will then be displayed.

This fantastic offer should not be missed and is ideal for clients wishing to refresh their email marketing. With a saving of £85+vat off the standard cost, take advantage today and contact the team with your code on 020 3320 8777.

*applicable to standard templates, normal cost £170

Offer expires: close of business 28 February 2013. Templates ordered without the promotional code will be charged at the standard rate. E&EO.

Latest e-shot Release


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have made the decision to delay this latest release until 7am on Saturday 9th February

We will send a confirmation communication 24 hours in advance of this.

Apart from the enhancement of the e-shot engines we are excited about the New functionality being introduced as part of this release:

Inbox Review:

Inbox Review gives users the ability to test their email in a wide variety of email clients at the click of a button, previews take just a few minutes to create across the 30+ email clients and devices. In addition your email is passed through all major spam filters, showing spam scores AND explanations of why the score was given, allowing you to adjust your email to increase deliverability.

Inbox Review Lite will be made available to all clients (free of charge) offering testing to Gmail and Outlook 2003 without spam test.

Inbox Review costs just £250+vat annually or £33+vat per month (depending on your e-shot licence) and offers 100 tests per month, which should be adequate for even the most ‘test-happy’ user.

Click through Heatmap:

All campaigns sent post 02/02/2013 will benefit from our new Click-through heatmap report.

This report, available from the detailed report section, presents an augmented preview of your original campaign to highlight all monitored links, their popularity (ranked) and statistics. Serving as a fantastic tool for optimising the design of your email and, gauging the best placement for your links.

Resources Page:

As part of our long term commitment to Add Value and to complement our excellent support team, we’re adding a new ‘Resources’ page to the e-shot interface. This new section will include various training and support videos along with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). In addition users have the ability to raise suggestions for anything they’d like to see improved or added in the future.

Campaign Processor™

This is a complete new overhauled engine replacing the current e-shot send engine. This is the bit that our techies have been working on for some time and are very excited about. The campaign processor is responsible for all the ‘heavy lifting’; It starts at the point you set your campaign to go. From this point it ‘takes over’ and ensures that your email will take the quickest route to deliver your important message to every recipient. This new engine has been designed with the ever increasing demands of our client base to deliver the vast number of emails as speedily and with the best chances of hitting the Inbox of the intended subscriber.


Our deliverability team constantly strive to improve and optimise email deliverability. An important factor that negatively impacts on reputation is resending to hard bounces. As part of this latest release, we are introducing the first steps in a line of changes to help maximise deliverability for our clients. Bounce classifications have been tweaked to improve accuracy in what determines a soft or a hard bounce and the ‘Hard Bounce Count’ (number of attempts to send before an email is marked as Hard Bounce) will be reduced to a single attempt.

In subsequent releases, we will be introducing a separate classification for Soft Bounces that repeatedly fail, and implementing a Global Hard Bounce (suppression) list.

API (API users only)

We have made some improvements to our contact sync methods to enable streaming of CSV files (perfect for bulk imports), and also have added a date range setting when extracting reports (useful if you’ve made a call for a 24 hour report, and want all updated statistics since this point for your 72 hour report).

Internet Explorer 10 compatibility

e-shot components have been updated to ensure compatibility and smooth user experience within Internet Explorer 10.

Hope you enjoy the improvements and remember to let us know what you think. Your success is our Success!

Email Marketing for Starters


New start, new beginning? Why not add email marketing to your marketing strategy in 2013.

It’s that time of the year when people start to act on their New Year’s resolutions and start to work towards the goals they set to themselves.  It’s similar in business; most companies set their  goals for the new year and set out to try and achieve them.

Looking at the statistics, It’s surprising to see how many businesses have not yet tried the digital channel, and especially email marketing, considering the fact that it offers some of the highest return on investment in comparison to other marketing channels.

Email marketing is known to encourage customer loyalty and foster repeat business whilst remaining cost effective. If executed well, on average email returns around £25 for every £1 spent.

Email marketing opens up many doors and opportunities that other marketing channels do struggle with.

Email marketing allows you to:

Communicate with you clients and prospects frequently and by being able to monitor the response it can contribute greatly to your success.

ESPs (email service providers) take the cost of heavy investment away and allow you to analyse the success of your marketing campaigns, they provide you with in-depth analysis, highlighting trends and helping to  plan your next campaign while focusing on sending targeted & relevant content to your readers.

I am new to email marketing? Where do I start?

The best way to start is to talk to an email service provider like e-shot that offers an online demo of their system and can explain the benefits to your business. e-shot offers many functionalities that help you maximise the potential of email marketing.

Choosing e-shot

As an email service provider we specialise in adding value to the online email marketing tool you subscribe to. To evaluate if it’s right for you we offer a completely free of charge online demonstration customised to your requirements. This includes answering any questions you may have as well as suggesting ideas and helping with advise.

We offer ‘email marketing with added value’, ensuring we deliver the difference with a full support team to answer any queries and help get you out of the occasional sticky situation. As a new client our in-house, experienced design team will design and produce a professional branded template in-line with your branding.

Our client support team can provide you with the knowledge & experience to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletters, deliver more click-through’s resulting in hot leads to your sales and retention teams and improve the overall success of your campaign.

And we don’t stop there, once you’re up and running your Account Manager will give you a call on a regular basis to see how you’re getting on and ensure you’re headed in the right direction. We’re always a phone call away if you need us!

Contact us today for a free demonstration

Company Introduction Emails

First impressions mean everything!

Introduction emails are a great way to create a good first impression, providing an opportunity to build trust with your audience.

Like the name suggests its sole purpose is to introduce your recipients to the information you will be sending to them.

It can also be used to introduce a product/product line or service to members of the business community.

Writing an introduction email is a way of expressing your intentions and creating the right impression and hopefully establish trust or interest. A bit like a trailer for a film.

Your Company Introduction email serves as your first formal communication to the recipient so when constructing your message, addressing the recipient correctly and personally is very important. When writing the email, make sure you highlight to the reader what you are planning to accomplish by sending the message and include your own contact information along with a date for which you intend to begin contacting them next.

It’s important to be accurate and include the name of the person or company, the background for the introduction and details about the information you will be sending them.

The introduction email should be written semi-formally and professionally, try to stick to no more than 3-4 paragraphs, be direct but cover the necessary formalities and all your key points. If you’re accredited or certified such as ISO 9001 it would be advantageous to include this accreditation in the email to help build the trust.

This will enable the readers to expect the information from your company or if they have no interest in your offering, to opt out. Remember, it is your goal to only send communication to interested prospects or clients and not upset the ones that have no interest or any intention to have any commercial relations with your organisation.

Building Contact List

A good quality list is imperative for a successful marketing campaign, regardless of channel, your target audience must be clearly defined and accurate. After all, it’s like having a bus service without passengers or passengers that don’t care about the destination.

We’ve compiled a free guide to help grow your contact list, with some tips and helpful information to capitalise on the visitors to your website and increase engagement with your subscription forms.

Email Marketing for Estate Agents

Last month we sent out a campaign to Estate Agents, having had some good success stories in this sector.

How can email marketing help Estate Agents?


Email marketing is a great communication platform that allows Estate Agents to send their news quickly and efficiently.  Email marketing enables Estate Agents to contact Landlords, Tenants, Buyers and Sellers quickly and easily.  With e-shot, you can personalise your messages so that recipients can be addressed individually.


Compared with other marketing channels, email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment.)  It’s a great way for Estate Agencies to advertise and showcase available properties. With e-shot you’re able to send out focused, regular and up-to-date emails without having to consider your budget, our pricing plan means there is no limit to how many you send, so the beauty of our solution means that the more emails you send the more cost effective it becomes.


Reports and analysis of campaigns allows you to continually develop and improve your effectiveness, ensuring that future campaigns are more successful. e-shot unique performance based targeting tools enable you to filter your future sends based on previous campaign results and enhance the relevancy of your message to the recipient which is the most important secret to a successful sale. For example, if you send a campaign to your audience with mixed interests (one bedroom to mansion houses; 100,000 – 5M) it is definitely less likely to be successful than a campaign about one bedroom flats to only prospect buyers interested in one bedroom properties!

The most important statistics to look out for in the reports are:

Display/Open Rate: The percentage of emails opened in an email campaign, or the percentage opened of the total number of emails sent.

CTR (Click-Through Rate): The percentage (the number of unique clicks divided by the number that were opened) of recipients that click and follow up on a link in your email.


e-shot’s comprehensive filtering options allow you to target your new campaign based on the way your contacts have interacted with previous campaigns. Options such as “All those who opened my previous email”, “All those who clicked on a particular link” and “All those who have never received an e-shot” are just a few useful filters available to you in e-shot.

The e-shot reporting system can create a branded in-depth PDF report at the click of a button, perfect for last minute meetings!

Email marketing for Estate Agents

Email marketing for Estate Agents infographicWe also are giving away a how to guide to email marketing for estate agents . If you are and estate agent or you are interested then why not download the how to guide.

Email Marketing: Mobile Phones

New smartphones are becoming  more popular by the day; changing the way we communicate with our friends, family and colleagues but what does this mean for email marketing? Will mobile phones change the email marketing industry?

In 2012 90% of smartphone owners accessed their email accounts on mobile and desktop clients.  As a result we saw a sudden shift on the device open rates and subsequently more emails are read on mobiles than on a desktop email client.  Litmus states that 38% of email opens are now on mobile devices, with 33% from desktop email clients, the remaining 29% from webmail.

The below graph shows the sudden shift in emails being opened on other devices.

Traditionally emails were most regularly opened when we were at our desk in the office or our PC at home. Today with the advent of the mobile device; smartphone or tablet we can easily access our email on the go. This trend becomes even more interesting when we analyse how day of week affects where emails are viewed (see below).

So in summary, as email is being opened and viewed more on mobile devices, particularly at the weekend you should ensure that your campaigns are optimised for mobile devices, that the message is short and clear enough  with an obvious Call to Action so that you will not miss the growing number of mobile device users. Our soon-to-be-launched Inbox Review built in service will allow you to preview your campaigns in a large variety of desktop, webmail and mobile inboxes to help achieve this important goal.


Campaign of the Month: January – Groupline

This month’s campaign of the month is ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ by Groupline


Click to enlarge

We voted this email campaign of the month for the following reasons:

– Use of vibrant graphics which, are viewable above the ‘fold’ on the preview pane

– Use of video call to action to increase engagement

– Clear call to action in the right hand panel – there’s no confusion on what the recipient should do

– Use of a testimonial, in a striking colour and font – adds emphasis and credibility

– Good image to text ratio, even with the imagery switched off the email is predominately text-based and maintains structure and message.

Talking of dogs, John Cook in Support, just got one, I’m sure you’ll join us on wishing John & Ted many happy years together.

John and Ted

John and Ted