Campaign of the Month: April-May – HTT Holidays

HTT Global Holidays & Incentives

Congratulations to HTT Global Holidays & Incentives for winning our campaign of the month, as a reward they’ll receive 400 loyalty points.

– Good use of imagery

– Great header image

– Good content consistency

– Special offer / call-to-action

– Good image:text Ratio

Campaign of the month - march/april

The Kent 2020 Vision Live


Thursday was set to be a great day, with the sun shinning and many businesses visiting the Kent 2020 Vision Live, it was truly that!

20130425_104043The team at e-shot were busy all day meeting business owners and business people discussing e-mail marketing. We also had our very own, Peter O’Connell delivering a workshop on “effective use of email marketing for maximum returns”

Thor also got in the action and even met a shark that was floating about!





Overall the e-shot team a had an amazing day at Kent 2020, meeting and talking to people about their business and how we can help them along the way. But it wasn’t all work and no play, we also had fun while we were there! Jeff took part in HeartFM’s radio competition to catch as many hearts in a wind tunnel ……… he only managed to capture… 1!

Tip of the month: Testing your emails

A/B Split Testing

Subject Line:- subject lines make a huge difference to the open rates of your emails. Creating a subject line seems to be easy enough, but are you sure it is grabbing your subscribers attention? 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line. The most successful subject lines are short and to the point, and something that catches people’s curiosity. However it all depends on your subscribers. Using A/B split testing is a great exercise to test what works well with YOUR subscribers.

Tip: personalisation in the subject line could increase your open rate. Emails with personalisation in the subject line are 22.2% more likely to be opened than those without.

Content:-  The content of an email will affect your click through rate. Once you have your subscribers attention with the subject line, it is time to keep them interested. Confusing or irrelevant content may cause your readers to lose interest, having too much on the screen is also a common mistake, and will cause them to switch off before they notice your ‘call to action’. Perhaps try an A/B split test where the body of your email has different layouts or content, to try improve your click through rate.

Follow up:- Once you’ve completed your testing and the final email has been sent, remember there is always room for improvement.

Using reports and statistics will allow you further insight into what motivates your subscribers making it possible to hone your approach for the next campaign. You may also be able to identify trends such as the best time for sending your email and which services/products/topics prove most popular. Testing and refinement of your campaigns will pay dividends in the long run along with improving the efficiency of your email marketing.

Testing for errors:- There’s nothing worse than a great looking email being received more Picasso than Monet.

Most commonly this is caused by a problem with the HTML, either a mistake or an unsupported bit of code causing a rendering problem.

There are many email clients, both desktop and webmail and each treat HTML differently, to help you negate this difficult ‘display’ minefield we’ve released our new Inbox Review system. Remember to always send a test to your test group and check it thoroughly before you send out the final email.

Tip: If you don’t have Inbox Review then create accounts with as many different providers as possible such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc. and add them to your test group, then at least you’ll be able to see how your email responds in these environments as well as your own inbox.

Our Inbox review

Inbox Review gives users the ability to test their email in a wide variety of email clients at the click of a button, previews take a matter of minutes to create across the 30+ email clients  like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, as well as devices like smart phones and tablets. In addition your email is passed through all major spam filters, showing spam scores and explanations of why the score was given, allowing you to adjust your email to increase deliverability.

Click here for more information on our Inbox review.

Marketing Inspiration



Sometimes finding a great way to advertise your company, brand or product can seem a difficult task. Anybody who works in Marketing loves getting that ‘EUREKA!’ moment where it all comes together. We thought we’d share with you this link and if these don’t make you smile, give you food for thought, or just outright cringe then nothing will!

Click Through Heatmaps

Click through Heatmaps:

All campaigns sent post 02/02/2013 will benefit from our new Click-through heatmap report.

This report, available from the detailed report section of our online software, presents an augmented preview of your original campaign to highlight all monitored links, their popularity (ranked) and statistics. Serving as a fantastic tool for optimising the design of your email and, gauging the best placement for your links.’

The image Below is an example of the heatmap

At the bottom of the image you can see the statistics of the email like Display rate, Bounces and of course the click through.

On the right hand side you can see the top 3 clicked links showing