Thor In Vegas!



Vegas was a great holiday, an amazing city to visit. While I was there I got to learn about the history of the city, and all I can tell you is that it’s interesting to say the least! While on my holiday I got to see the infamous strip we all see in films but I also went to see the original strip, where it all began!


The Old strip!

Walking around and talking to locals, the city is all about business! Its truly a money making machine. With the city’s awe, and wonder of bright lights and entertainment it’s very easy to lose track of reality!


The Bellagio Fountain Show every 30 minutes

What can I say about Vegas…. It’s fun! The City looks beautiful in the day and at night in every angle.


Can you believe that this is inside?!

There are so many different things to do! Many people still think that its for ‘bachelors’ but it has something for everyone.


Making new friends!

System Update 20/06/2013


DLOW-BLOGComing soon to e-shot:

– New menu bar design – easy access to particular functions
– Additional user permission: contacts read-only (limits exporting/modifying and adding contact information)
– Inbox review credit system
– We’re moving test contact management into the contacts manager rather than settings
– Group preferencing
– For clients with multiple sub accounts, a new ‘quick switch’ option will be introduced

How can you ensure it will have impact on your recipients?


You have the tools, you have the message, but how can you ensure it will have impact on your recipients.

Here are some simple tips for your campaigns:

1. Who is the email going to?

Once you know who the email is going to, do some research. What time do these recipients check their emails and read them, what will they be reading it on, smartphone or a desktop? What will they do with the information, will they share it to other friends or colleagues? All this information can help improve your click and open rates, as they will be likely to interact with your email. It’s also helpful to get the tone of voice just right.

2. What do you want to achieve with your campaign?

Is your campaign to inform your recipients or to sell a product to the recipients? Make it clear from the first time the lay their eyes on it. However don’t just stop there! Once you have the main objective, why not have a second objective to increase more interaction with the email. Encourage your readers to interact with your social media pages.

3. Your Content

Your Content needs to be simplified so that it’s easy to read straight away. Make sure everything is relevant to the recipient. The best way is to write a draft, and make amendments as necessary.

Once you have the raw materials it’s now time to put it all together and give the campaign a face.

4. HTML Template

With email most content is static, and producing it is completely different to coding a website. Not only that, many email clients read and display HTML differently to others and therefore can change how your emails look, it sometimes look broken!

Can this be solved?
Our Inbox review will allow you to check your emails in numerous email clients to see if there are any problems. Remember, it’s much better to spot these yourself and repair them, rather than have them pointed out to you by a subscriber.

5. Branding

It’s best to make sure that your email campaign is on brand. This helps the recipient to recognise the email once they open it. Your email campaign should also link to your website and needs to follow your brand colour scheme, keeping everything consistent ensures trust.

6. Get feedback and amend

At this point you might be tired of looking at the campaign yourself as you have seen it over and over again. It’s good to get fresh eyes on the campaign. Get feedback from a colleague and then discuss, amending if necessary.

Not sure whether you should keep your original or go with the feedback? This would be an ideal time to perform an A/B split test. You’ll be able to see which version works well with your recipients. From the report you can then send the best performing split to the rest of your target audience.

7. Signing off and sending it! And wait!

Once you are happy with the design, get it signed off (or sign it off yourself) and get it queued for sending!

8. Reporting back

As soon as your email campaign has been sent you statistics will start to populate in reports. Take a look, maybe even refresh a few times and watch them increment. After 48 hrs or so look at more in-depth reporting, try to establish: What worked well? What didn’t? The reports will show you how effective your email was, look at the key display time slot, look at the links and areas of your email that were most popular. Are there lessons that can be learned? If you have to report back to colleagues, don’t forget to use the Export to PDF feature!

Sourced: email audience.

Amazon’s Killer email marketing


Do you get emails from Amazon everyday? Does Amazon seem to fill your inbox but yet you don’t unsubscribe or mark it as spam?

Here in the office we all get regular if not, too regular communication from Amazon but we seem to allow them to do this and are still happy to get the latest offers from them each and everyday.  What is it that keeps Amazon’s subscribers so hooked?

For years Amazon have understood the power of email to drive real revenue!

Spotted: An amazing marketing idea

Another off topic subject, but its something to shout about! A revolutionary and creative idea…


In Spain, a Spanish organization called ANAR foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at risk) created a high-tech street poster for their new campaign. It’s been specifically designed so that it displays two different images with two different messages. The first image is a message to adults, almost as a warning and the second is a message for children that is hidden from adults! Check the video below to see how it works – clever, creative, practical.

Click here to check out the campaign!


Our Time at The Business Show 2013

e-shot-teamWhat an amazing two days at the London ExCeL for The Business Show!

We were introduced to so many people and we all had some great conversations.

During our busy two days at The Business Show we held our Email Marketing Workshop, we received a 100% registration rate and on many occasions had attendees outside the theatre itself. Apologies if you missed it, however you can download a copy of our FREE How to Guide for Email Marketing.

Along with our own presentations we also had a guest speaker, Kath Pay giving the audience helpful advice on engaging tactics to optimise conversions for your email marketing programme and how to get subscribers to action your emails. We would like to give Kath a massive thank you, for dedicating her time to come down to speak to us all. If you missed her you can follow Kath Pay on Twitter (@kathpay) – she regularly tweets helpful tips on email marketing.

We also had our ‘unveiling’ helping to help SME’s get going with email marketing by putting you in greater control of your email marketing with us in the background for help and support, if you ever need us.
We had many of our clients, attendees and fellow exhibitors come to our stand to celebrate with us. Many people went home with a brand new take on e-shot and how we can help them grow their business.
For more information why not give us a call on 020 3320 8777.

We would like to say thank you to everyone that came down to visit us. We enjoyed our time at The Business Show and we hope you all did to. However we don’t just stop there. The e-shot team is always glad to guide you in the right direction giving advice and support when you need it.

Contact us over the phone or email us, We would like to talk to you again. Why not visit our blog or if you want the latest news, follow us on Twitter (@e_shot) and get tips and advice from us, we will also be tweeting you updates on our own system and latest news on the email marketing and the big game changers to see in the near future , It’s worth the follow!

Segmenting Your Data

In email marketing, segmenting data is beginning to be a norm for many companies. For others it’s now on one of their objectives, with 52% of marketers say they have a great need to improve email database segmentation.
But why would you segment your data? Segmentation can help increase profit from email marketing as you will be able to tailor and target the appropriate customers. Also by doing this you will be able to increase your customer lifetime value and decrease them from becoming ‘sleeping beauties’ .

Where to start?
There are many ways to segment your data. One of the best ways to do so is using a survey with a multiple check list answers that you can email as a campaign. You can also use your own website to capture more data.

You would also need to create groups/subgroups and name them specifically to match your survey answers.
Qu1. What phone do you have?
– iPhone
– Blackberry

Content of the email campaign
Gather the data you wish to collect and store the data against your customer profiles. This could include customers attributes like name, age , location, products bought etc. Keep it short and simple for them to complete it and not overwhelm them with too many questions. If you wish to collect more, you can send out another survey in the future, when the time is right.

Everyone on the survey that checked: ‘have an iPhone’ will be in the iPhone group and people that checked: ‘have an HTC Phone’ will be in the HTC group.

It is good idea to give your customers an incentive when they are filling out your survey. Informing them that they will receive discount codes, promotional offers or other exclusive deals by just filling out your survey, they will be happier to complete it. There are 2 other approaches, however this kind of subscription is by far the most successful method of acquiring new data and new contacts.

Segmenting data has a lot to offer to companies and once its implemented it can do create new opportunities in marketing.

Top tip
Using our branded profile add on is a great way to segment your data, for more details contact us.

To see a case study we found that shows a good example on how to segment data click below.