Tip Of The Month: April – YOU MUST READ THIS Create a Sense of Urgency

Going once… going twice….

It’s something that raises our heart rate and gets us anxious when we need to make decisions. From bidding for an item on eBay to seeing signs for a closing down sale, a sense of urgency is a powerful tool for sales.

Let’s talk about urgency with email marketing.

Subject Line

First things first, the subject line. It’s the first thing you see once it has arrived in your inbox and it sets the tone of the email. However, with so many emails landing in your inbox all the time, it can seem like they’re all shouting at you, asking and demanding to be opened.

Your inbox suddenly seems pretty loud now, huh? This is where a subject line which conveys a sense of urgency has more chance of being opened.

Attention Please

When sending out an invite or a reminder to someone in an email the power of urgency can be a great sales tool. Certain words that you can use that can increase your open by almost 50%.


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Campaign of the Month: Bath RFC – April 2014

Drum roll please. The winner of our April Campaign of the Month award has been selected, and the accolade goes to………  Bath Rugby Club!

Their winning email, sent on March 14th, bore the ambiguous and enticing subject line, “It’s all to play for!” This was a great way to encourage opens yet it wasn’t misleading – so subscribers wouldn’t get any unexpected surprises.

However, the really incredible element to Bath RFC’s emails, the key differentiating factor that helped them attain the Campaign of the Month honour, is the email’s stunning background and design.

The beautiful photograph really catches the eye, shows the stadium and the city in all its glory and yet doesn’t overpower things so much that you ignore the text. The background is so strong that the emails from Bath really stand head and shoulders above a lot of dull sports messages I regularly receive.

Even after opening the message on a programme or browser that automatically turns images off, such as Microsoft Outlook, the layout stays exactly as it should be and the text is fully readable.

In fact, this attention to detail and great balance between photographs and text is the same throughout the email – a combination of outstanding imagery and pictures that don’t engulf the calls-to-action and articles.

These winning elements link in with another crucial aspect of the email; that everything follows their brand carefully and tastefully, from the colour scheme to the recognisable and well laid out logo at the top.

Finally, a less common characteristic of the email that works really well is the inclusion of sponsors at the bottom. Placing sponsor’s ads in your emails is a very rewarding way to encourage extra revenue but it’s done subtly without dominating the message.


Silverware Won by Derby County FC

A big congratulations is in order to Derby County Football Club.

On the field the side are pushing for promotion to the Premier League, but the marketing department at the club has already won a trophy this season – the “Best Digital Content and Audience Growth” accolade at the 2014 Football League Awards!

Derby’s marketing department has used the e-shot™ platform for their email marketing since 2011, and this was one of the factors in their recognition at the ceremony.

Their September “Return of the Mac” campaign was designed to encourage fans to back the new manager Steve McClaren after the sacking of popular boss Nigel Clough.

The strategy was delivered across all channels, from social media to email to their website, and you can view the message sent with e-shot™ below.


Derby’s campaign had a huge impact; the email achieved a 21.66% open rate, while the club increased the number of unique visitors per month to dcfc.co.uk to over 200,000 and improved social conversion rates to nearly 25%.

Overall during their time using e-shot™ Derby have grown their contacts list by almost 300% – which is truly exceptional – while their average open rate has also reached 22.32%, well exceeding the sports industry average.

After winning the award the club’s Multi-Media Editor Matt Reeder said, “We saw the opportunity with Steve’s appointment to re-engage with the fans and built the ‘Return of the Mac’ strapline which came from Faye Nixon in our marketing department.  We worked on the whole concept and also looked at how we could re-engage with our fans across all platforms – RamsPlayer, the website, Twitter, YouTube.”

Click here to read a complete case study on Derby’s use of the e-shot™ system.

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Missing you!

Every now and then, I like to browse around online and see what I can buy (that I don’t need and can’t afford). Coincidentally, this shopping spree always happens near pay day!

One particular website that I visit more than most is IWOOT (IWantOneofThose.com) as it contains everything that a grown man needs: toys and very cool, geeky gadgets!

A couple days ago I realised I’d been neglecting IWOOT when they reminded me that I hadn’t paid them a visit in quite some time.

Their email had a very similar aim to Channel 4 and Betfred, which we’ve looked at on this blog before, only IWOOT haven’t gone for a big-prize competition or warning of an account closure. Their approach is simpler and, quite possibly, more effective.


“We miss you”

Emailing with the subject line “We miss you” was a great touch in my opinion as I instantly opened the email. As soon as the email opened up, I was invited to look at their website with a “welcome back” message and the offer of 20% off. Not forgetting the big call to action, “SHOP NOW”, which attracted my attention and encouraged me to click.

IWOOT’s email is a great example of awakening your customers from their inactive slumber and tempting them to come back, as both the subject line and the email’s content worked very well to draw me in.

Sending emails like this will help your company to keep everyone happy and loyal. It shows that you care, displays your generosity in offering an out-of-the-blue discount and will drive traffic back to your website. Not to mention meaning people keep an eye out for your emails in the future!

After I received the “We miss you” email I spent a couple of minutes on their website while travelling, and I quickly found myself opening another email from IWOOT saying, “Thank you for you purchase”. Well – surprise, surprise – it was payday a couple of days before!

‘BADMAN’ Bugti Boosts the Argos Brand

On this blog we’ve mentioned before how powerful and newsworthy reactive marketing can be – sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

This week Argos showed their funny, creative side in responding to a tweeter.

Immy ‘BADMAN’ Bugti asked the firm, “YO wen u gettin da ps4 tings in moss side? Ain’t waitin no more. Plus da asian guy whu works dere got bare attitude #wasteman”.


Argos responded, “Safe badman, we gettin sum more PS4 tings in wivin da next week y’get me. Soz bout da attitude, probz avin a bad day yo. LD”.

The shop’s response has been retweeted over 6,000 times as of 11.03.14 – and BADMAN has seen a huge spike in his online popularity.

From tweeting “YO I’M IN DA PAPER” with a link to a Daily Mail article about the incident, to chatting up several female users via the attention he’s received – “@Kiranshahx yo what u sayin u got a man or wat?” – his lack of self-awareness is astonishing.


I’m starting to wonder whether Immy isn’t actually a parody account.

The cynical side of me thinks the whole thing feels a bit staged, as Argos have never responded in this sort of way before and Immy seems a bit over the top. He might have tweeted over 2,500 times, with a lot of awful language, but maybe Argos were just being extra-subversive and playing the long con…

In all seriousness, I’m sure he is genuine – but an attention-seeking troll, and proud of it.

His recent Twitter photographs include three screenshots of public figures that have blocked him on the social media site: Ex-footballer Stan Collymore, Chelsea and England left back Ashley Cole and ex-comedian Ricky Gervais.

A real Manchester resident or an ultra-ironic East London marketing brainchild, Argos have gained a very positive boost in their online brand identity from the exchange with Immy.

In one (probably spontaneous) tweet they’ve achieved more attention, column inches and online discussion than a lot of brands will manage with thousands of hours of planning and marketing budget thrown at carefully considered ideas.

Campaign of the month: March – Evolution Complete Business Sales!



The moment has come. Please get to your feet and give a big hand to the Campaign of the Month award winner for March 2014…. Evolution Complete Business Sales!

Their campaign is a brilliant example of email design. Plus, from the colour scheme to the font, everything is in strict keeping with their distinctive brand identity.

That’s not all. The main picture is impressive and eye-catching, but without dominating the email unnecessarily.

In fact, throughout the message the picture to text ratio is spot on. Photographs never overwhelm the email, even though here they help create intrigue about the message.

This aspect of the email means that when the message is viewed in an inbox that doesn’t automatically display images, such as the pesky Microsoft Outlook, the email’s text still gets across.

But there isn’t an intimidating amount of text either.

The social sharing buttons at the top are sleekly presented and designed, without fading into the background too much.

As for the content, there’s very few ways as perfect for encouraging good subscriber engagement as two incredibly esteemed British Olympians staring out at you! Evolution CBS’ email boasts Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE, alongside leading business coach Paul Hannam.

The email isn’t overcomplicated with lots of topics, and the aim of the message is clear; find out more about the iPerform® Programme.

With two big, bold calls to action to “Activate MY NO RISK TRIAL”, the email is straightforward and a very well thought-out way to generate interest.

Making Evolution CBS deserving winners of our Campaign of the Month award.

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