Eggchanging Easter Puns with REED

Just before Easter I had the pleasure (or misfortune, depending on your viewpoint) to get involved in the murky world of online Twitter punning with a well-known brand.
In response to this tweet by Erin Freeman, decrying the use of horrible egg puns in Easter themed emails, I mentioned the case of the employment agency REED.

   I didn’t mention REED’s Twitter handle, so I assume the agency’s marketing department have their fingers firmly poised over the “search” function on Twitter to have located the tweet in the first place. Some good digital detective work there. Anyway, you can see their email in this screenshot. It’s an astonishing case of basing an entire campaign and competition around a single egg pun.

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Internet Explorer 6 is Almost Extinct

Credit: Internet Explorer

Credit: Internet Explorer

In the very near future neither Internet Explorer 6 nor Internet Explorer 7 will be compatible with our e-shot™ email marketing system.

There’s nothing strange about this, don’t panic, it’s just that IE6 is over ten years old (and extremely outdated) while IE7 is almost 8 years old (and very outdated).

They both lack the software and features to handle modern browsing.

Microsoft even have their own website called which contains an “IE6 countdown” – keeping an eye on the declining usage of the browser and encouraging everybody to update!

This area of their site includes an interesting map of remaining IE6 usage around the globe, showing that the UK has a lowly 0.5% share of the world’s final IE6 presence.

It’s a tiny portion, but considering how old-fashioned the browser is, and how hard it makes even the simplest things (such as watching a YouTube video), it’s shocking that even 0.5% of the UK is happy with IE6.

At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps unsurprisingly, The People’s Republic of China is far and away the world leader for IE6 usage; the Chinese making up a huge 22.2% of IE6 use.

So if you haven’t updated to the latest IE version yet, or another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, now’s the time to make the switch!

Click here for information about updating your Internet Explorer browser; it’s quick, easy and painless.