The Vinyl Countdown is Over: First Impression of Our Revamped Offices

This year we’ve been undergoing a lot of changes in the Forfront office. But the final piece in the puzzle fell into place last week as the lovely people at Vinyl Impression got to work adding a bit of colour and creativity to our HQ.

Welcome sign

Every corner of our space has been brightened up by Vinyl Impression, from the meeting rooms to the developers’ zone, the kitchen to the sales floor.

Even the table tennis area was given an atmospheric, Wimbledon-themed makeover.

So have a look at the array of cool designs now adorning our walls and why not let us know what you think on Twitter?

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Appsolutely Amazing Citymapper App Announcements

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet will know that their apps need updating regularly. It’s a fact of modern life, almost every day will bring another barrage of App Store notifications that Facebook Version 9.0 is ready, Twitter 6.4.1 wants to be installed and you need version 3.0.2 of Gmail RIGHT NOW.

App Update

Instagram update 5.0.9 arrived on my phone in April, and the “release notes” couldn’t have been more typical: “Bug fixes and performance improvement”. Thanks, Instagram, really fun reading.

When apps have bigger updates ready, with lots of new features and changes, they still can’t break from the boring tone.

Facebook’s most recent update thrillingly explained that now users could, “Reply directly to comments on stories by Pages that have this feature turned on”, and, “Group admins can easily review and approve pending posts by group members”.

Wow, surely one of the biggest companies in the world could have taken a couple of seconds to work on their friendliness? At least attempting to lend their excruciating update a bit of excitement.

But, no. Instead, the company leading the way for a change in this crushingly dismal world of release notes is a trailblazing travel app called Citymapper.

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