World Cup Email Marketing

FIFA claimed that 909.6 million television viewers watched at least one minute of the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands. They say the total viewers probably topped a billion – when you include online streaming and large groups watching in public places.

We’ve looked at the Super Bowl’s marketing impact before here and here. But the World Cup is far bigger.

In fact, the World Cup is such a large event that it seems as if every possible product, marketing medium and advertising avenue suddenly suffers from football fever for a few months every four years.


Image source

Considering the marketing repercussions are so widespread, it seemed logical for the Forfront blog to investigate the email marketing approach of countries involved in this year’s Brazilian event.

Who deserves the trophy and who should be disqualified in disgrace?

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Email Campaign of the Month: Tech 9 – June 2014

As usual, a vast amount of campaigns have been sent on the e-shot™ system over the past month.

Diligently, we trawled through the emails for hours on end. Then we deliberated, judged, argued and finally settled upon a worthy winner.

Previous months’ winners of the venerated Campaign of the Month award can all be found here.

But without beating around the bush any longer, the June prize goes to…

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Hold the Line: 11 Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

For such a small section of text, crafting perfect email subject lines is surprisingly difficult.

The reason it’s so tricky is because it’s so important.

Carry out an A/B Split Test on two identical emails with different subject lines and you’ll quickly see how much the open rates differ.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to ensure your subject line catches the eye and gets subscribers to open it up to learn more.

Which is why we’ve compiled Forfront’s top 11 tips for making the most of that vital line.


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The Vinyl Countdown is Over: First Impression of Our Revamped Offices

This year we’ve been undergoing a lot of changes in the Forfront office. But the final piece in the puzzle fell into place last week as the lovely people at Vinyl Impression got to work adding a bit of colour and creativity to our HQ.

Welcome sign

Every corner of our space has been brightened up by Vinyl Impression, from the meeting rooms to the developers’ zone, the kitchen to the sales floor.

Even the table tennis area was given an atmospheric, Wimbledon-themed makeover.

So have a look at the array of cool designs now adorning our walls and why not let us know what you think on Twitter?

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Appsolutely Amazing Citymapper App Announcements

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet will know that their apps need updating regularly. It’s a fact of modern life, almost every day will bring another barrage of App Store notifications that Facebook Version 9.0 is ready, Twitter 6.4.1 wants to be installed and you need version 3.0.2 of Gmail RIGHT NOW.

App Update

Instagram update 5.0.9 arrived on my phone in April, and the “release notes” couldn’t have been more typical: “Bug fixes and performance improvement”. Thanks, Instagram, really fun reading.

When apps have bigger updates ready, with lots of new features and changes, they still can’t break from the boring tone.

Facebook’s most recent update thrillingly explained that now users could, “Reply directly to comments on stories by Pages that have this feature turned on”, and, “Group admins can easily review and approve pending posts by group members”.

Wow, surely one of the biggest companies in the world could have taken a couple of seconds to work on their friendliness? At least attempting to lend their excruciating update a bit of excitement.

But, no. Instead, the company leading the way for a change in this crushingly dismal world of release notes is a trailblazing travel app called Citymapper.

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From Kim Jong-Un’s Hair to a Copywriting Hero

My favourite copywriter and advertising innovator was a little-known American called Tom McElligott.

Everything I know about McElligott is down to this article on Vice by Mark “Copyranter” Duffy. Following links (and a few online searches) also revealed this brief biography, a handful of articles from the LA Times, a 1990 David Lynch ad for Calvin Klein and an awe-inspiring blog post by Dave Dye featuring a mammoth array of his incredible work. I’ve read the campaigns in Dye’s blog over and over again.

The Vice article, incidentally, is top result on Google when you search McElligott’s name – and he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. If anything highlights under-appreciation more than that in this day and age, I’m not sure what it is.

Being such a fan, I’ve wanted to write about McElligott on this blog for months.

Little did I know that North Korea’s fascinatingly-coiffured despot, Kim Jong-Un, would give me the opportunity.

Kim Jong-un hair poster

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Campaign of the Month – May – DotImpact

The wait is over. Forfront’s e-shot™ email marketing Campaign of the Month victor has been chosen. And it’s a good one!

The award goes to DotImpact, a digital marketing agency based in Kent, for their email sent on 17th April that asks “Is your business growing?”

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The Forfront Blog Gets a Facelift

Since 1998 we’ve been developing innovative, essential software solutions here at Forfront.

In 2001 we launched the e-shot™ email marketing product which has gone from strength to strength over thirteen years, being used by thousands and thousands of businesses to boost sales.

However, the company has undergone a bit of a makeover lately. e-shot™ is constantly being honed and updated but we’ve also added several new strings to our bow.

For full details about all of our new services and digital solutions, head to our brand-new, totally-revamped, homepage which we’re delighted to announce is now live!

At the same time, we’d like to say a big welcome to our new-look blog.

A big part of the regeneration process over the past few months has been renovating this blog to become a fluid part of the new main site, as well as putting it under the knife for a much-needed facelift.

The bruises have healed, the stiches have been removed, the swelling has gone down and our blog has emerged from its surgery looking ten years younger (albeit with a slightly surprised, tightened expression).

We’ll continue to publish a regular flow of articles on our blog although the subject matter will be even more wide-ranging than ever before.

There’s articles planned for the next couple of weeks about the copywriter Tom McElligott, the Citymapper Mobile App, email marketing tips for testing emails in different inboxes, Kim Jong-Un and social media pun exchanges… So we hope you’ll agree our output is set to be more eclectic than ever.

Let us know what you think on Twitter @WeAreForfront, we’d love to hear from you!

The Forfront Team

e-shot™ Email Creation Update

We recently warned that Internet Explorer 6 and 7 would no longer be compatible with the e-shot™ system in the coming weeks because those browsers are extremely outdated and need to be updated ASAP…

Anyway, that’s enough cautionary advice.

The second element of this e-shot™ update is far more exciting!

We’ve got several really impressive developments coming in the next couple of weeks. The huge changes involve radically streamlining and simplifying the email creation process on the e-shot™ system…

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