The 10 Worst World Cup Adverts 2014


It’s finally, finally, finally here! The 2014 FIFA World Cup is in full flow.


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With half of the games on ITV it’s more than likely you’ve been exposed to an awful lot of football-themed advertising already – in between Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon discussing dubious refereeing decisions, melting in the heat and pretending to understand Fabio Cannavaro.


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The email marketing from teams heading off to Brazil wasn’t particularly good. Are the big budget, superstar-laden, TV World Cup adverts any better?

The really big guns – Nike, Coca-Cola, Beats, Budweiser etc. – dominate the airwaves with their blockbuster promotional productions. Yet the money thrown at them doesn’t mean they’re any good. For instance, two campaigns feature incredibly annoying slogans, “Celebrate As One” (Budweiser) and “One World, One Game” (Coca-Cola).

However, here at Forfront we thought it would be a good idea to dissect some of the absolute worst World Cup marketing we’ll be forced to endure this summer, so you can prepare your mute buttons.

I thought having to listen to Andy Townsend was punishment enough, but no. Things get much worse once half time is upon us.


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Added apologies in advance, but the wooden-acting, crisp-eating, foul-mouthed, dandruff-free England goalkeeper, Joe Hart, features not once, not twice, but three times.

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Citymapper Are App to Their Old Tricks (Again)

It might have reached a stage now where we seem like Citymapper crusaders, constantly going on about their app update release notes (like we did here and here).

However, we’re genuinely just really impressed by their ingenuity and drive to do things differently. They go beyond the dismal “bug fixes” and “small tweaks” release notes.

Other apps don’t try to disguise the banality of “performance improvements”, whereas Citymapper have clearly realised that there’s room for improvement when it comes to how apps engage and charm their users.

Indeed, the travel app are up to their old tricks once again this week.

Citymapper Spain

Declaring the launch of their app in several new Spanish cities – by popular demand – the company have announced the release in typically quirky and irreverent fashion.

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