Will You Capitalise On Mobile?


Will You Capitalise On Mobile – Or Will It Leave You Behind?

How often do you look at your phone? The average person checks it 110 times a DAY (and up to every 6 seconds in the evening).

Now, consider the public excitement, media fanfare and daft diehards queuing for days for the latest iPhone releases.

(Side note, watch this guy dropping his shiny iPhone 6 STRAIGHT AWAY).

It doesn’t take much insight to see that mobile is everywhere – and it is a trend that keeps gaining traction.

How to Evolve

However, it can be hard to see how businesses need to adapt to the world of rapidly evolving mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and… watches.

phone 2

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The Benefits of Business Blogging

The Benefits of Business Blogging

Recently, an article ran on the B2B Marketing website documenting how few UK companies run a blog.

Blog in typescript letters

“Only one in eight (12%) UK businesses run a blog as part of their wider sales and marketing strategy, according to a new report by Catalogues 4 Business (C4B).

“Just 4% of the 300 UK B2B and B2C companies surveyed said they plan on creating a business blog in the next 12 months.

“Meanwhile, 2% believe their blog helped to deliver sales, compared to the 24% who attributed sales directly to the success of networking.”

Read the article in full here.

I agree that it’s hard to say any blog directly leads to sales. It wouldn’t be a very good blog if every article was heavy self-promotion, screaming “BUY FROM US NOW”. Blogs are about entertaining, informing and engaging people.

However, there are a lot of benefits of business blogging and we thought the 88% of British companies without a blog needed to hear them.

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Is This the Worst Copywriting Ever?


Is This the Worst Copywriting Ever?

This is the “concept” on the website of a company who shall remain nameless.


Just let it sink in for a moment:


“Live, social and communication solution”.


“Seamlessly integrated relations”.

It must be one of the worst examples of corporate-speak, business-talk and marketing-guff that I’ve ever seen.

But that’s not all.

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