What Does Google’s Inbox Mean for Email Marketing?


What Does Google’s Inbox Mean for Email Marketing?

Introducing Inbox

Last week Google announced a brand new email mobile app; Inbox.

As we all know by now, in the tech and digital marketing world, Google news = big news.

inbox 1

So, to quickly summarise the basic features of the app, the BBC explains that Inbox will:

  • highlight key information from important messages, such as flight itineraries, event information and photographs
  • let users add their own reminders – to pick up dry-cleaning or give parents a call, for example
  • categorise messages – clustering together receipts or bank statements for instance

Below is the official Google trailer/demo/advert/aspirational clip that makes your life seem rubbish.

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A Barrage of Birthday Emails


A Barrage of Birthday Emails

Last week was my 25th birthday.

“Hey! Old man! Stop making this blog all about you!”

I know, I know. Sorry. Bear with me for a second.

As well as being a quarter of a century since my birth, there was also something remarkable occurring in my inbox. And you can’t usually say there’s anything remarkable about receiving a load of promotional emails.

To mark my birthday I was inundated with marketing emails from brands, all congratulating me on being a year older, offering me something for nothing and at the same time encouraging me to part with some cash.

pizza exp

Emails timed to hit subscribers on their birthdays are nothing new. Manchester City even sends them. I’m fairly sure I’ve taken Pizza Express up on the free bottle of Prosecco a couple of times in the past. It’d be rude not to.

However, this email marketing tactic and trend seems to have grown rapidly within the last twelve months.

When done well and coupled with a temping incentive they can be really effective, but it can be a bit creepy for a big brand, already addressing you by name, to be trying to muscle in on your birthday with a thinly-veiled promo as well.

So I decided it would be wise to assess the quality of these birthday messages.

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How to Create a Christmas Marketing Masterstroke


How to Create a Christmas Marketing Masterstroke

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees could let loose, you could raise money for charity and you could get noticed on social media all at once…

Charity Events & Social Standing

If you follow a couple of businesses on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it won’t take you long before you see updates that show employees having fun.

Not necessarily laughing their heads off, “five pints at the pub for lunch was bad for productivity – YOLO!” fun, but the little activities that most companies take part in. They’re usually for a good cause.


Image source.


The ice bucket challenge, Movember, wear pink for breast cancer, charity bake sales, raffles, sports days and the like.

All very worthy endeavours that businesses take part in for good reasons. They then post proof to social media to raise awareness – as well as to show their lighter side.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping on a passing fad or enjoying an annual event to raise money and earn a bit of online attention at the same time.

Did you know, on Twitter and Facebook posts with photos get twice the engagement rate of those without?

However, while things like the ice bucket challenge quickly become passé, there is a relatively unexplored avenue that businesses should consider for fundraising as well as publicity. And essentially every company in the UK (and beyond) holds one of these shindigs already.

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Email Campaign of the Month: Brownhill Insurance

Email Campaign of the Month for October: Brownhill Insurance

Sent 26.09.2014

October’s Email Campaign of Month winner is a ground-breaking milestone for this prize. This message was created in an entirely different way to any other Campaign of the Month victor ever.

The company responsible for this landmark Campaign of the Month is Brownhill Insurance.


Why was the message such a landmark/milestone/ground-breaker compared to all previous winners?

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The More the Merrier or Less is More on Social Media?

The More the Merrier or Less is More: How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Forfront’s Tip of the Month for October is all about social media. Specifically, how often you should post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. No business wants to drive their audience mad, but we don’t want to be forgotten either.

social media 4

Gif source.

Quite some time ago we criticised a clothing retailer for its ridiculous email marketing frequency. Social media doesn’t face quite the same limitations; too many posts in a day won’t give the impression that a brand is invading someone’s personal space.

However, your audience still might be turned off if a company’s posts are dominating their timelines – while if that business hasn’t uploaded anything in a while it can be easy to forget about them.

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The Power of Email Marketing


The Power of Email Marketing

The following is based on a presentation given by Forfront’s Marketing Manager, Vicki Russell, to the Surrey Chambers of Commerce in September 2014.


How is email marketing performing in this highly competitive digital world? Is it still as effective as ever? Where can it go from here?

From a marketing perspective, these are very important questions to ask. The answers should influence how you modify and adjust your marketing strategy.

Email marketing has been a crucial cog in most businesses promotional approach for nearly two decades, but is it time for a change?

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What Does Apple’s iPhone 6 Mean For Email Marketing?


What Does Apple’s iPhone 6 Mean For Email Marketing?

These days, whenever Apple releases a new product it’s sure to shake up the digital sphere, or at least make people a bit anxious. However, with the iPhone 6 (and the ever-increasing mobile trend) there are several key issues for marketing professionals and businesses to be wary and aware of.

Now that the queues have died down and the first few phones have been vandalised, we felt like it was time to assess the iPhone 6’s email marketing significance.


Image source.

Disclaimer: We’re not even going to try to hazard a guess at what Apple’s Watches mean for marketing just yet. In fact, we had a bit of a think about that back in September 2013.

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