Careful Now! Use Reviews and Testimonials Wisely


Careful Now! Using Customer Reviews and Testimonials Wisely

Helpful Reviews

User reviews and testimonials can be a really beneficial – and profitable – selling tool for businesses.

The clothing retailer found that, “Products with reviews have a 35.27% higher overall session conversion rate”, than those without reviews.

While the computer giant Dell discovered that the conversion rate doubled when shoppers viewed customer ratings, reviews and testimonials.



 Unhelpful Reviews

As user reviews can clearly dramatically influence buying decisions, more and more sites allow users to post opinions. While the broadcasting of these opinions has the potential to increase conversion rates – brands should be wary.

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How to Build a Mobile App Empire


How to Build a Mobile App Empire

A Snapshot of Success


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 Launched in 2010, Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion just two years later.

Yahoo! Inc. is close to investing in Snapchat in a funding round that values the startup at $10 billion. Snapchat was initially devised in 2011 by two Stanford University students.

Fifty days after its release in 2012, Draw Something had been downloaded 50 million times. It was bought by Zynga for $200 million six weeks after the launch.

In June 2014 Uber raised $1.2bn in capital to value the company at $18.2bn. The taxi app is available in 45 countries around the world.

The makers of Candy Crush Saga are valued at more than $7 billion. It had over ten million downloads in December 2012 alone.


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The Reality

Of course, to expect success like the examples above is delusional. Part of the reason for such explosions of interest is down to the apps going viral.

Try all you might, you can’t force something to spread like online wildfire.

However, there are a lot of things you can do to give yourself the best chance of creating and profiting from a brilliant mobile and tablet app.

We can’t guarantee you’ll become a mobile app emperor overnight – but follow our advice to give your app a great head start.

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