The 5 best apps for the photography enthusiast…

The 5 best apps for the photography enthusiast

With Instagram now valued at over $4billion Dollars, the photography app industry is now a key player the mobile app arena. Often overshadowed by the games industry, photography apps have become more popular allowing the average enthusiast to become a master at their craft.

Liz Eswein, a photographer on Instagram with 1.2M followers has now been able to make a living due to her popular NYC based photos on the app.

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Why Wakie has already stormed 1.5 Million people globally…

As it’s Monday we’re kicking off with an update of this week’s hottest app.


More than 1.5 million downloads this year in Russia, and 2 million collectively in the UK, US, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

£1.9 million worth of venture capital investment speaks for itself, and the app has hit headlines on local news channels across America.

To date 40 million wake up calls have been made. Introducing…

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Your 2 minute Vine workout…

I haven’t been asked this question since 2013, when I was on university placement at a national shower company who were just dipping their toe into social media.

But, what exactly is Vine? And where did their 40 million users come from?


I remember two things about Vine back in 2013. One, it had a reputation for uncensored videos and two, users seemed to be making a lot of salad tutorials on the app… most notably an American news company who explained Vine through an on air salad experience lasting over 7 minutes, riveting!

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Facebook LIVE is here!

Something quite exciting happened this weekend.

I was sitting at home and a push notification from Facebook appeared stating ‘Paul Chowdhry (comedian)’ was live.

I wish I had screen grabbed the notification and at the same time ‘selfied’ my expression, because whilst Periscope and Meerkat have been rampaging hungry users who demand live video feed, Facebook has been quietly working away on their own live feed technology.


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5 Minutes With Mobile Expert Vanessa Bourdillon…

Don’t miss 5 minutes with mobile expert Vanessa Bourdillon.


Vanessa has 11 years experience in the mobile industry, she has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world and is now in London after 4 years working in Paris.

Vanessa eats, breathes and sleeps mobile, both in the marketing and sales sphere.

She’s a dynamic, highly motivated and results-oriented digital expert, who today is looking at Apple and the strides they’ve made in iOS 9.

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Could your Twitter handle be worth more than you think…?

Imagine having over 6k retweets and 6k favourites from one tweet in less than 24 hours as a self confessed;

“Dad. Husband. Self-proclaimed geek who fires off regular gibberish, gobblety-gook about sports, tech, CLE, and whatever….”

@Alphabet’s Twitter account has been placed as the hottest Twitter handle within the last 15 hours of the tweet, but has actually been active for the last 8 years!

Introducing Chris Andrikanich…




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REVEALED: Inside the world of Facebook’s future vault

We’re taking a look into what’s next for one of the world’s most loved brand, Facebook.

Facebook now has 1.49 billion active accounts, acquired both Instagram and WhatsApp and has a CEO with a net worth of 42.5 billion Dollars… yes billion (I had to check too)!

But that doesn’t stop them from innovating, breaking records or dreaming of changing the world once again.

So what do Facebook have planned for you in the next decade? What we propose below may be movie like, but don’t dismiss us just yet.

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What is UBER? Your guide to one of the most exciting apps of 2015.

Cashless, instant and fare estimates at your fingertips, no wonder Londoners are going crazy for Uber. But, what is it?

With Uber in 290 cities, 1 million journeys made a day and 50000 drivers, the most talked about App now deserves a prominent space on your mobile’s home screen.

Uber started in 2009 and is a transport app headed by CEO Travis Kalanick.

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