The Forfront developed app redefining the property industry…


floor plans

floorplansUsketch‘ is an online application which delivers numerous floor plan specifications.

From sketches with on-screen amendment capabilities to photographic enhancement services, floorplansUsketch is the perfect tool for both companies and private individuals.

Owen Turgoose, Managing Director at floorplansUsketch, has over 10 years of experience providing quality RICS compliant floor plans to the UK property industry.

The company has used his experience to design the floorplansUsketch online application, an extremely efficient automated system for processing and monitoring each job quickly and efficiently.

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The essential small to medium business guide 2015

Let’s be honest you’ve probably heard about a list like this before and trust me I was also sceptical to write it, but what I’ve found is that examples are key, so bear with me.

Adopt now and create a new exciting direction for your brand. There are 5 essential tips I believe you need to adopt as a small to medium business.

Some are free and some will need financial investment, but all have ROI in their own right. I mean when are designer sunglasses ever a bad investment?


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How to achieve more with less!


One of my favourite adverts from the past is this one by Honda – it’s coming up to 10 years old now but still stands out. It may surprise you that the entire event is in fact one smooth sequence with no special effects.

It took many attempts to get this perfect run, where everything aligned and performed as expected but eventually they nailed it.

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Our breakdown of the Apple Event 09/09/2015

Like all Apple Addicts, I watched yesterday’s keynote. I am always excited by their announcements and yesterday was a great keynote. Even if there were no real surprises because most of it had already been leaked by the rumours, and no “one more thing” from Tim, it’s always astonishing to see the demos on stage and the new products.


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