Why Cyber Essentials is essential

cyber_essentials_logoAs a small business committed to working within the Public Sector adding Cyber Essentials to our trophy cabinet of accreditations was a no-brainer. Whilst Cyber Essentials is only mandatory for working with MOD, the government backed scheme is a public demonstration of our commitment to security and information governance.  In the private sector, however, even two years on, is still relatively unknown – so if you are not familiar with the standard here’s a bit of background.

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Why We Love Agile Development (And You Should, Too!)


Whatever your business focus, whether you are a corporate or SME, following Agile methodology will help keep your development project on track. It helps project teams’ deal with many of the most common project pitfalls (such as cost, schedule predictability and scope creep) and keep far more control.

Here’s why we are committed to Agile development.

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