Public Sector Shake-up: How will the IR35 changes impact your projects?

ir35_bannerAt Budget 2016, the government announced some changes to the infamous IR35 legislation – the rules and guidance surrounding tax for contractors or personal service companies (PSCs). In a nutshell, the liability to pay correct employment tax will move from the contractor to the client. The big surprise however is that these changes, which will take effect in April 2017, will only affect contractors working for public sector clients. Whilst the legislation applies to all types of contractors, public sector organisations should give particular consideration to the most common contractors they work with – software developers. Continue reading

Do software platforms need to evolve?

Has the time has come for software platforms to evolve?


Do you remember when apps first starting making news? Facebook was still taking off, Myspace was reinventing itself and it seemed like every week we were hearing about some new app which could edit your photos, find you a local restaurant or do your taxes.

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Infographic: Bespoke Software vs Off-The-Shelf Software

A common dilemma in software purchasing is whether to have bespoke software solutions developed or whether to buy an off-the-shelf product and hope for the best. There used to be a time when you could get away with the latter, but as business has evolved and systems have become more complex and multi-faceted it is becoming more and more important to ensure your business has a solution which is tailored to your needs.

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