Why Cyber Essentials is essential

cyber_essentials_logoAs a small business committed to working within the Public Sector adding Cyber Essentials to our trophy cabinet of accreditations was a no-brainer. Whilst Cyber Essentials is only mandatory for working with MOD, the government backed scheme is a public demonstration of our commitment to security and information governance.  In the private sector, however, even two years on, is still relatively unknown – so if you are not familiar with the standard here’s a bit of background.

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Why We Love Agile Development (And You Should, Too!)


Whatever your business focus, whether you are a corporate or SME, following Agile methodology will help keep your development project on track. It helps project teams’ deal with many of the most common project pitfalls (such as cost, schedule predictability and scope creep) and keep far more control.

Here’s why we are committed to Agile development.

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GDPR – 12 months and counting

GDPR - 12 months and counting

If you google “GDPR” in 0.40 seconds Google can find almost 2 million results! The mounting crescendo of views and opinions on GDPR is almost deafening. And it’s not surprising, as it is the most important change to data privacy regulations in 20 years.

As we get closer to D-Day, some of the implications are becoming clearer – but one thing is for sure: email marketing has to move with the times. There is a lot of hype around the impact that GDPR will have, but if you pull it back to its bones it is really nothing more than making direct marketing best practice a legislative imperative.

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Is your legacy software a cyber security risk?

The risk that running legacy software can pose your business has now hit mainstream news. And whilst Microsoft quickly and effectively released a patch in response to the Wannacry attack that hit the NHS, among others, earlier this month – a valuable lesson has been given to the business world….

So the eyes of the media are focussing on legacy systems. Bespoke unsupported systems that are out of date and presenting their owners with significant cyber security risk as they don’t adhere to best practice or modern quality standards.

But don’t get confused about the key learning of these recent events. Whilst scaremongering stories are starting to appear suggesting it is the bespoke nature of the software which is the element that is a risk factor – fundamentally this is not the case.

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GDPR in a Nutshell for Email Marketers

GDPR in a nutshell

After almost five years of work, the GDPR is set to modernise the European Data Protection Laws that have been in place since 1995. Do you remember what the world was like in 1995? The world is a very different place today than it was just over a decade ago.

GDPR will introduce new ways citizens can control how their personal data is used, with greater responsibilities on both data controllers and data processers. The idea is that it will make the data regulations united across the EU member states, and will apply to all data subjects within the EU. And regardless of Brexit, the ICO is committed to ratifying the European standards.

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Public Sector Shake-up: How will the IR35 changes impact your projects?

ir35_bannerAt Budget 2016, the government announced some changes to the infamous IR35 legislation – the rules and guidance surrounding tax for contractors or personal service companies (PSCs). In a nutshell, the liability to pay correct employment tax will move from the contractor to the client. The big surprise however is that these changes, which will take effect in April 2017, will only affect contractors working for public sector clients. Whilst the legislation applies to all types of contractors, public sector organisations should give particular consideration to the most common contractors they work with – software developers. Continue reading

UK technology company, Forfront, develops a platform of digital marketing tools for businesses.

UK technology company, Forfront, develops a platform of digital marketing tools for businesses.

For Immediate Release: June 16th, 2016.

Despite increasing costs in digital marketing, technology company Forfront, which is most famous for its email marketing platform e-shot™, has recently released Forfront Marketing Tools – a suite of digital marketing tools, providing businesses with an end to end solution for digital strategy. By hosting these digital tools in one place and giving users the ability to generate easily as much digital marketing output as they want, Forfront has effectively found a way for businesses to reduce the cost of digital marketing whilst being able to actually increase their digital output.

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