Important e-shot™ Update Announcement

In a few weeks we’ll be releasing one of the biggest e-shot™ updates ever.

We’re delighted to announce that an extremely significant e-shot™ update is almost here.

The update will include lots of incredible new features – all at no extra cost – and it will be one of the largest e-shot™ releases to date.


Read on below for a summary of the exciting new features and tools that are coming to the e-shot™ email marketing platform very soon.

e-shot™ users will receive an email with further details shortly before the release date.

If you’re not an e-shot™ user and would like to learn more about the system and this update, click here to send us a message online or call 020 3320 8777.

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The Forfront Blog Gets a Facelift

Since 1998 we’ve been developing innovative, essential software solutions here at Forfront.

In 2001 we launched the e-shot™ email marketing product which has gone from strength to strength over thirteen years, being used by thousands and thousands of businesses to boost sales.

However, the company has undergone a bit of a makeover lately. e-shot™ is constantly being honed and updated but we’ve also added several new strings to our bow.

For full details about all of our new services and digital solutions, head to our brand-new, totally-revamped, homepage which we’re delighted to announce is now live!

At the same time, we’d like to say a big welcome to our new-look blog.

A big part of the regeneration process over the past few months has been renovating this blog to become a fluid part of the new main site, as well as putting it under the knife for a much-needed facelift.

The bruises have healed, the stiches have been removed, the swelling has gone down and our blog has emerged from its surgery looking ten years younger (albeit with a slightly surprised, tightened expression).

We’ll continue to publish a regular flow of articles on our blog although the subject matter will be even more wide-ranging than ever before.

There’s articles planned for the next couple of weeks about the copywriter Tom McElligott, the Citymapper Mobile App, email marketing tips for testing emails in different inboxes, Kim Jong-Un and social media pun exchanges… So we hope you’ll agree our output is set to be more eclectic than ever.

Let us know what you think on Twitter @WeAreForfront, we’d love to hear from you!

The Forfront Team

e-shot™ Email Creation Update

We recently warned that Internet Explorer 6 and 7 would no longer be compatible with the e-shot™ system in the coming weeks because those browsers are extremely outdated and need to be updated ASAP…

Anyway, that’s enough cautionary advice.

The second element of this e-shot™ update is far more exciting!

We’ve got several really impressive developments coming in the next couple of weeks. The huge changes involve radically streamlining and simplifying the email creation process on the e-shot™ system…

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Upcoming Company Changes

Out with the old, in with the new (and improved). 

This year is set to be a truly thrilling and innovative time for us, with some monumental developments ahead

However, we can’t give away too many details just yet…

Builders at work!But we don’t want to be a tease. We can announce that we’re doubling and remodelling our office space (which is well underway), and everything else is getting a makeover too.

We’ll be launching a brand new website, designing a fresh new logo, creating a new mission statement and instigating a unique colour scheme – plus a huge amount of exciting extra alterations.

The changes will be fully unveiled in the coming weeks, including the extent of our cutting-edge software updates and e-shot’s all-new email marketing features.

So keep an eye on our Twitter and Pinterest as well as the hashtag #TheTransformation for teasers. There will be work-in-progress shots of our extensive office renovations every Friday, rebranding sneak peeks every Monday and much more.

We can’t wait to get all of these changes up and running and look forward to hearing what you think!

Announcement: Yahoo reallocating old email addresses

On the 15th August, Yahoo are going to be reallocating old email addresses, therefore we strongly suggest you do the following:

• Search for all Yahoo addresses in your databases and create a group of them.
• Send them an opt in reminder email, make sure the Subject line has “Yahoo” in it.
• Check the display rates and keep an eye on them over the next few sends to see if they react.

From what we understand, not doing this could lead to blacklisting so we strongly suggest you perform this exercise.

Contacts that don’t display and haven’t done for a long time may be worth deleting from your e-shot account.

Browser support

You’ll find many choices when it comes to picking your ideal web browser, so which one should you use with e-shot?

We are pleased to say…just about any of them!

With every new feature we implement into the system, we always try to take advantage of the latest technologies to improve user experience and extend functionality; this of course presents us with the challenge of maintaining maximum compatibility with older major browser versions (even some over a decade old!)

Where a feature is deemed unsupported by a historic browser, we will provide a suitable version for you to continue working as normal.

E-shot officially supports the following browsers, with every release being thoroughly tested* in each:

Windows Mac (we test in OS X Mountain Lion)
Internet Explorer (6+) Safari 6
Firefox** Firefox**
Chrome** Chrome**
Safari 5.1  


*We test the system using a single instance (one tab, one browser), currently multiple instances/tabs are not supported.

**These browsers by default update automatically, therefore we test with the latest public release.


In the unlikely event that you find unexpected behaviour when using e-shot, please let our support team know the browser, operating system and how you made it happen! We can then address the issue promptly as part of a hotfix.

System Update 20/06/2013


DLOW-BLOGComing soon to e-shot:

– New menu bar design – easy access to particular functions
– Additional user permission: contacts read-only (limits exporting/modifying and adding contact information)
– Inbox review credit system
– We’re moving test contact management into the contacts manager rather than settings
– Group preferencing
– For clients with multiple sub accounts, a new ‘quick switch’ option will be introduced