21 Tricks for Exceptional Email Copywriting

21 Tricks for Exceptional Email Copywriting

Although you might not realise it, the content of your email campaigns could be costing you time, money and subscribers.

You don’t have to be writing abominable copy; even tiny oversights or missed opportunities might turn a potential buyer into an unsubscriber.

We’ve put together these 21 tricks so your email copywriting doesn’t fall into common traps, annoy your readers or disgust your recipients.

Heed our words of wisdom to get more people following your instructions, enjoying your campaigns and buying from your business.

mad men


There’s no need for a complex strategy or shady tactics to transform your email copywriting. Our 21 email copywriting tricks will help you get real results, right away.

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Split Testing Tips to Transform Your Email Marketing

Split Testing Tips to Transform Your Email Marketing

Email split testing (also known as A/B testing or multivariate testing) is a method of conducting controlled experiments with the goal of improving display or click through rates. Improving display and click through rates is, naturally, one of the ultimate goals of email marketing.

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Therefore, we’ve put together these tips for improving your split testing and optimising your email marketing.

To illustrate the point, we’ve included the results of a recent split test we carried out on a Forfront campaign. Read on for more info.

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The More the Merrier or Less is More on Social Media?

The More the Merrier or Less is More: How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Forfront’s Tip of the Month for October is all about social media. Specifically, how often you should post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. No business wants to drive their audience mad, but we don’t want to be forgotten either.

social media 4

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Quite some time ago we criticised a clothing retailer for its ridiculous email marketing frequency. Social media doesn’t face quite the same limitations; too many posts in a day won’t give the impression that a brand is invading someone’s personal space.

However, your audience still might be turned off if a company’s posts are dominating their timelines – while if that business hasn’t uploaded anything in a while it can be easy to forget about them.

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Prepare For Christmas With Email Marketing


Prepare For Christmas With Email Marketing.

An apology in advance, this post mentions the word Christmas. More than once. It already has.

I know, I know, “But it’s only September!” “Summer is barely over!” “I’m still in my speedos!


Photo source.

Nevertheless, from an email marketing perspective it is absolutely vital to plan for the impending festive season right now.

Therefore our Email Tip of the Month for September is made up of three key points for email marketing at Christmas. So you can get prepared now, to properly capitalise on the season of goodwill.

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Sizzling Summer Email Marketing Ideas


Summer Email Marketing Ideas

You’re hot, you’re bothered and you need to send an email campaign…

Undoubtedly, the summer presents a unique set of challenges for email marketing success.

There’s no two ways about it, your audience are going to be in and out of work and more distracted than usual!

That’s why the Forfront Tip of the Month for August shows you a variety of ways to turn these difficulties into positives.

Watch as your summertime emails not only do better than expected, but better than ever!


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Make the Most of Personalisation in Email



Personalisation is a core advantage of email marketing.

To put it in the simplest terms possible, it means a message begins with the name of the recipient. Whether that’s their first name, last name, salutation or any other field in your database.

The beauty of this is that it works whether you’re sending to a thousand, ten thousand or ten million people – as long as your database is sorted properly.

However, no matter how clever the technology is, you have to use email marketing’s personalisation tools well to get the most out of them. Which is why Forfront’s email marketing tip of the month for July is all about making the most from personalisation in email.

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Hold the Line: 11 Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

For such a small section of text, crafting perfect email subject lines is surprisingly difficult.

The reason it’s so tricky is because it’s so important.

Carry out an A/B Split Test on two identical emails with different subject lines and you’ll quickly see how much the open rates differ.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to ensure your subject line catches the eye and gets subscribers to open it up to learn more.

Which is why we’ve compiled Forfront’s top 11 tips for making the most of that vital line.


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Would you trust and buy from a company that has an amateur looking email?

Designing and building an email sounds easy, yet there are many different factors that quickly make us email designers lose our minds.

Often I’ll design and build an email that looks awesome in Gmail but it somehow looks broken in Microsoft Outlook!

One reason why many of us have had this problem is because email clients have different rendering engines from one another, making email designers go a bit loco trying to appease them all.

Whether you’re new to email design or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s vital to know how different email clients like Gmail and Outlook render emails. It’s best to know what’s under the hood and how it works, because the rendering of the email will decide how your email looks.

The question is, would you trust and buy from a company that have an amateur, broken looking email?

If the answer is “no” then keep reading!

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Tip Of The Month: April – YOU MUST READ THIS Create a Sense of Urgency

Going once… going twice….

It’s something that raises our heart rate and gets us anxious when we need to make decisions. From bidding for an item on eBay to seeing signs for a closing down sale, a sense of urgency is a powerful tool for sales.

Let’s talk about urgency with email marketing.

Subject Line

First things first, the subject line. It’s the first thing you see once it has arrived in your inbox and it sets the tone of the email. However, with so many emails landing in your inbox all the time, it can seem like they’re all shouting at you, asking and demanding to be opened.

Your inbox suddenly seems pretty loud now, huh? This is where a subject line which conveys a sense of urgency has more chance of being opened.

Attention Please

When sending out an invite or a reminder to someone in an email the power of urgency can be a great sales tool. Certain words that you can use that can increase your open by almost 50%.


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Tip of the Month for March: Copywriting Tips


Taken from:

This is just a short synopsis of some of the ideas contained in the first half of the book Write to Sell by Andy Maslen – so if you’re interested in finding out more I can’t recommend buying a copy highly enough.

When writing an email campaign to attract new customers, get more subscribers, make an impression or any other purpose, the language and structure you use is extremely important. It’s all well and good having a lovely looking, perfectly rendering email, but if it misses the point then prospects will reach for the delete button.

Below are

some extremely helpful copywriting tips to ensure your emails have the impact you need.


Your reader always wants to know: WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

Focus on your readers’ FEAR and GREED. B2B still means selling to people, not faceless corporations. Tap into their emotions as well as their reason.

Always talk to your audience as one single person, a typical individual, not a group of people.

Be relevant – not brief. People are busy but will read on if your emails are appropriate for them.

Promote benefits not features.


  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Give peace of mind
  • Make bigger profits
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve productivity
  • Make money go further

Read your copy. If your reader might ask “so what?” after a benefit, it isn’t a benefit.

Use plain English. Distinguish technical language from threadbare clichés.

Paint your reader a picture.



Before you start writing follow these steps to ensure when you put your fingers to the keyboard you’ve got the right aim in mind.

What am I trying to achieve?

Who am I writing to and what do I know about them?

What do I want to say? Concentrate on their needs not your own.

Think about word limit and deadline.

Set the goals you want to achieve:

  • Make more sales
  • Encourage trials
  • Spend more money with you
  • Connect on social media

Think of the consequences for your reader: what WILL happen if they use your product and what WON’T happen? If they don’t use your product what WILL happen and what WON’T happen?

Start at the back; write your call to action first.


Finally, AIDCA. No, it’s not a multinational conglomerate’s abbreviated name, but five points to concentrate on throughout your writing.

Attention: Get their attention with your headline.

Interest: Interest them in what you’re selling. By explaining how it will benefit them.

“How will my readers’ life be improved if they do what I want them to?”

Desire: Encourage desire (beyond just interest) by encouraging a sense of exclusivity, that only you can offer these benefits, that they’ll lose out to a competitor by not buying, supply is restricted, your offer is better than any others or you’ve made it really easy for them.

Conviction: We have to convince that the risks of not buying outweigh the risks of buying. Use techniques like testimonials, free samples/trial (freemium), reliability/performance statistics, third party endorsements or a money-back guarantee for instance.

Action: Call to action. Don’t be vague, don’t have ambiguity and don’t make it too wordy. Make it short, simple, direct and clear. And make it a command.

Forfront have been creating incredible campaigns for over fifteen years. We’re experts in everything from email design to copywriting to deliverability.

Give us a call on 0203 320 8777 to learn more about how our range of marketing services will generate you a staggering ROI.