5 Essential Digital Trends To Kick-Off 2016


New year means a new start. We bring you 5 essential digital marketing trends for 2016.

Sometimes, being in the know is better than not knowing at all. The key trends in digital marketing for 2015 concluded that content marketing, big data and marketing automation had the most significant impact for businesses.

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Forfront and Kompass Reveal New Customer-Centric Partnership


Forfront and Kompass Reveal New Customer-Centric Partnership

Kompass becomes the official data partner to the UK’s most intelligent email service provider.

For Immediate Release: December 10th, 2015.

Forfront and Kompass are delighted to announce a new partnership giving customers a holistic solution for data acquisition and growth.

The partnership strengthens the respective positions of both companies in the market. By combining their services of providing quality data and software solutions, both have been able to create the complete marketing solution for businesses in the UK and globally.

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Do software platforms need to evolve?

Has the time has come for software platforms to evolve?


Do you remember when apps first starting making news? Facebook was still taking off, Myspace was reinventing itself and it seemed like every week we were hearing about some new app which could edit your photos, find you a local restaurant or do your taxes.

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Many know the name, but do you know the story…?

Where it all started for Forfront…



It all started in 1998 in Epsom, Surrey. Just four of us, with specialist skills and a lot of enthusiasm. To begin with we created a variety of e-commerce solutions and a unique suite of web tools.

Our email marketing product was the most well-received. It took off in a way we’d not anticipated and quickly gained a reputation for being powerful, intelligent and simple.

As a result we began to develop e-shot™

The first version of e-shot™ launched in 2001. In the fourteen years since we’ve sent over 93 billion emails, for thousands of clients. Version 5 is one of the most effective, fast and capable email marketing tools out there.

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How to achieve more with less!


One of my favourite adverts from the past is this one by Honda – it’s coming up to 10 years old now but still stands out. It may surprise you that the entire event is in fact one smooth sequence with no special effects.

It took many attempts to get this perfect run, where everything aligned and performed as expected but eventually they nailed it.

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5 updates you need to know about Windows 10!

I’m not sure who get’s excited any more when a new Windows update arrives? Possibly instead of excitement, customers are more apprehensive to the changes.

However, this time round it seems Windows have been kind and I’m happy to report 5 updates which look engaging, dynamic and… actually helpful.

Windows has come a long way since 95, the earliest Windows I remember.

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Copywriting. All you need to know to get customers gossiping!

It’s always great when we receive an email that really sticks. Whether it’s a company selling a product or service, we all feel relieved when the copy is spot on and builds an instant connection. Here are our top 5 copywriting tips, which will get customers gossiping about your campaigns…


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Press Release: Forfront & CANDDi



Email marketing specialist Forfront and intelligent analytics platform CANDDi celebrate the one year anniversary of their partnership – August 2014

Integration between Forfront’s established email marketing system e-shot™ and CANDDi’s revolutionary analytics platform has created the tantalising prospect of email marketing with greater insight than ever before.

The partnership was established just over a year ago, as Forfront and CANDDi agreed a strategic partnership as well as innovative system integration, bringing together CANDDi’s pioneering analytics and Forfront’s e-shot™ email marketing system. The partnership involves co-marketing activities via email, social media and guest blog contributions, and is largely centred on system integration. CANDDi’s technology has been available to all e-shot™ users for the past thirteen months already.

Every email marketing platform offers some aspect of statistics and report-generation while CANDDi integration enables e-shot™ to progress beyond traditional analytics to identify people, companies and leads – right down to personal information like their name, company, social networking information, geographical location and each visitor’s individual statistics and details. CANDDi’s use of Visitor Level Tracking is one of their most novel and innovative progressions above normal web analytics. Others use IP tracking or cookie based analytics, whereas CANDDi merges these with their own intricate algorithms.

As part of the partnership agreement, Forfront promotes CANDDi to its clients through several mediums including email and social media, produces guest content for the CANDDi bi-weekly newsletters and prominently positions the CANDDi logo on relevant webpages. CANDDi trained the Forfront sales and marketing teams to use the analytics platform better for its own lead generation as well as producing content for the Forfront blog.


CANDDi’s core technology is a big-data analytics platform that brings together click-stream data, Personal Identifiable Information and CRM data to produce deep analysis of visitors. CANDDi recognises and tells you who is on your website, not just how many people. It provides real time visitor level data for automated interactions, but also can generate aggregated data for more traditional analysis at a level not seen before.

Hot App Uber’s Cool Ice Cream Campaign


The controversial taxi app Uber has today launched an ice cream promotion around the globe.

It’s another in a series of very clever PR moves from the company who rocketed into the public consciousness with their black taxi strike stunt in June.

Yesterday, I received this email from the company:

uber ice cream

At around the same time as the above email screen shot, with well-planned cross-channel marketing, Uber announced on Twitter what was going on:

While the ferocious storms last night might have shaken Southern England, that doesn’t look set to dampen today’s impending heat-wave. Temperatures in London are expected to hit up to 31 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest day of 2014 so far.

Uber have creatively found a perfect way to take advantage of the fierce summer sun, using it for brand awareness, public good will and a load of positive column inches.

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