Getting to know your clickers…


If you’d like to know more about CANDDI integration with e-shot™ and ready to build a profile of who’s interacting with your emails, then get in touch  with one of our lovely team today and book a demo.

A key part of your email marketing is knowing that your communication is being sent at the right time, to the right people with the right message.

A problem you may be facing however is understanding what your recipients actually do once they’ve been sent your email.

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5 Essential Digital Trends To Kick-Off 2016


New year means a new start. We bring you 5 essential digital marketing trends for 2016.

Sometimes, being in the know is better than not knowing at all. The key trends in digital marketing for 2015 concluded that content marketing, big data and marketing automation had the most significant impact for businesses.

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Many know the name, but do you know the story…?

Where it all started for Forfront…



It all started in 1998 in Epsom, Surrey. Just four of us, with specialist skills and a lot of enthusiasm. To begin with we created a variety of e-commerce solutions and a unique suite of web tools.

Our email marketing product was the most well-received. It took off in a way we’d not anticipated and quickly gained a reputation for being powerful, intelligent and simple.

As a result we began to develop e-shot™

The first version of e-shot™ launched in 2001. In the fourteen years since we’ve sent over 93 billion emails, for thousands of clients. Version 5 is one of the most effective, fast and capable email marketing tools out there.

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Recruitment Industry Case Study: Using email marketing to communicate with people and engage, rather than just for sales purposes…

recruiting-pano_13570In August 2014 we spoke with Rick Xu, Executive Grapevine’s VP of Technology & Channel Development, about the company’s use of the e-shot™ system:

Executive Grapevine decided to change its email marketing service provider because its previous platform “had lots of issues”, which were becoming increasingly problematic and debilitating to their marketing activities.

Executive Grapevine’s VP of Technology & Channel Development, Rick Xu, explained; it “felt as though the previous system was trying to cage us, rather than working with us.” In contrast, Xu says “e-shot™ treats us like adults”.

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How to achieve more with less!


One of my favourite adverts from the past is this one by Honda – it’s coming up to 10 years old now but still stands out. It may surprise you that the entire event is in fact one smooth sequence with no special effects.

It took many attempts to get this perfect run, where everything aligned and performed as expected but eventually they nailed it.

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Automated Series. Smarter, more relevant and real-time customer engagement!


Automated Series. Smarter, more relevant and real-time customer engagement!

Automated Series is here! Send automatic responses and more relevant content based on how your customers interact with you. Cut manual work, save time and be more efficient with your email marketing.

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Forfront Releases New e-shot™ System Update

eshot pr image

Forfront is delighted to announce the most significant e-shot™ update this year.

For Immediate Release: August 20th, 2015.

Forfront launched e-shot™ in 2001 and has continued to develop one of the most powerful and efficient email marketing tools available. With loyal customers worldwide, e-shot™ is an incredibly effective tool for clients who want to build strong lasting relationships with their customers.

This latest software update turns e-shot™ to an even more exciting, powerful and productive marketing platform to benefit ALL its users.

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