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Simple Solutions for Complicated Challenges

Whatever size your business and whatever your digital requirement – we can make it simple for you. For over 18 years we have been helping our clients succeed, by creating cutting-edge software, websites and mobile apps to meet their individual needs. Through clear communication and thorough scoping, our UK based team deliver at every stage of the development lifecycle. Our expertise is honed to complex and demanding projects and the benefit of our extensive experience is that we can make it simple for you.

Simple from the Start

You probably have a rough idea of what you want to achieve but not sure how to start. Or you may have a solid idea of what you need and have been let down by another provider. We can make it simple. We will work with you to thoroughly scope your project ensuing we get a complete understanding of the business challenges that our software will help you solve.

Simple in the end

We deliver intuitive and user friendly systems that will help drive your business forward and increase profitability. Whatever your goal, whether you want to automate time-consuming processes, improve management visibility or bring in a new revenue stream the right software can give your business the edge.

Start with the end in mind

If your system is intuitive, well designed and simply to use – then users will willingly use it – which is often a significant challenge for any business software: positive user adoption. Whether your end user are members of your team or paying customers, ensuring their buy-in will guarantee your success.

The International Centre for ENCs, part of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, a division of the Ministry of Defence
The job

Novo Systems Ltd and Forfront join forces to deliver critical solution for IC-ENC, part of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, a division of the Ministry of Defence. Novo Systems appointed Forfront as a software development partner for one of their forthcoming key projects, a modern bespoke software solution to replace a legacy system that forms a vital part of their compliance operations.

Our client said:
"Forfront were chosen following a thorough selection process, what stood out was their proven track record, their professionalism and demonstrable approach including a proposed solution fit for purpose, which is also on course to be delivered in a short time frame..." Lee Greenlee, Novo Systems Ltd.
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