The Number One Myth about Mobile Apps


Although the mobile revolution has now been with us for almost 10 years, there are still many misconceptions. Business decision makers often see the productivity advantage in streamlining their business operations with a mobile app but perceive the development costs to be too high to warrant serious consideration.

This is understandable, given the costs associated with some apps, but it is generally a myth. With the right partner, mobile apps are not as expensive as you may have thought.

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Why email is so effective for fashion and retail brands

If you are reading this blog, the chances are you have recently seen our campaign on email marketing in the fashion industry. If not, check it out at the very bottom of this post.

email marketing nailed

Email marketing, when done properly, is the most effective tool for fashion or retail brands wanting to reach their customers at the right time with the right message. The fashion and retail sector achieves impressive engagement rates from email marketing, with open rates averaging 22.2% and click through rates averaging 2.65% in 2015. But why is email marketing so effective in this sector?

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How to boost conversions with landing pages


So, your email marketing is up and running and it’s started off well. You have cleaned your database, your campaigns look good and your engagement rates are improving. You have set up automation for your newsletter sign ups and this crucial part of your digital marketing plan is now ticking – but there’s just one problem… your website.

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How do you measure event success?

How do you measure event success

How do you measure the success of your events?

It’s that time of year again, where trade shows and events really start to pick up pace. If you are anything like me, you probably measured the success of your event on the volume of new relationships made, and the possibility of new projects on the horizon. But if you step back for a moment and ask yourself ‘am I investing in the future?’ or ‘what am I doing to edge out my competitors?’ then the measure of success take on a different perspective, or do these things not even enter your mind?

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Two Essential Digital Marketing Trends for Travel Companies

photo-1446410320700-66a291be8daaWith so many changes currently taking place in the digital marketing landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with every trend – discerning which ones have staying power and, more importantly, which ones are actually relevant to your business. If you work in the travel industry, then two things will probably ring true for you: firstly you are busier than most other professionals out there and secondly, the personal touch goes a long way with your customers. Holidays and travelling is a special time in people’s lives and knowing that their travel company has paid attention to their personal details is vitally important at every touch point the customer has with your brand. Continue reading

5 Essential Digital Trends To Kick-Off 2016


New year means a new start. We bring you 5 essential digital marketing trends for 2016.

Sometimes, being in the know is better than not knowing at all. The key trends in digital marketing for 2015 concluded that content marketing, big data and marketing automation had the most significant impact for businesses.

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Forfront and Kompass Reveal New Customer-Centric Partnership


Forfront and Kompass Reveal New Customer-Centric Partnership

Kompass becomes the official data partner to the UK’s most intelligent email service provider.

For Immediate Release: December 10th, 2015.

Forfront and Kompass are delighted to announce a new partnership giving customers a holistic solution for data acquisition and growth.

The partnership strengthens the respective positions of both companies in the market. By combining their services of providing quality data and software solutions, both have been able to create the complete marketing solution for businesses in the UK and globally.

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Forfront Announces G-Cloud 7 Membership


Forfront Announces G-Cloud 7 Membership

For Immediate Release: December 11th, 2015.

Forfront Limited, the Surrey based software company, today announced that its full suite of services are now available on the G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 7, including bespoke software development, mobile applications, web development and their flagship product e-shot™ which the company is best known for.

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