How to Create a Christmas Marketing Masterstroke


How to Create a Christmas Marketing Masterstroke

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees could let loose, you could raise money for charity and you could get noticed on social media all at once…

Charity Events & Social Standing

If you follow a couple of businesses on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it won’t take you long before you see updates that show employees having fun.

Not necessarily laughing their heads off, “five pints at the pub for lunch was bad for productivity – YOLO!” fun, but the little activities that most companies take part in. They’re usually for a good cause.


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The ice bucket challenge, Movember, wear pink for breast cancer, charity bake sales, raffles, sports days and the like.

All very worthy endeavours that businesses take part in for good reasons. They then post proof to social media to raise awareness – as well as to show their lighter side.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping on a passing fad or enjoying an annual event to raise money and earn a bit of online attention at the same time.

Did you know, on Twitter and Facebook posts with photos get twice the engagement rate of those without?

However, while things like the ice bucket challenge quickly become passé, there is a relatively unexplored avenue that businesses should consider for fundraising as well as publicity. And essentially every company in the UK (and beyond) holds one of these shindigs already.

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Email Campaign of the Month: Brownhill Insurance

Email Campaign of the Month for October: Brownhill Insurance

Sent 26.09.2014

October’s Email Campaign of Month winner is a ground-breaking milestone for this prize. This message was created in an entirely different way to any other Campaign of the Month victor ever.

The company responsible for this landmark Campaign of the Month is Brownhill Insurance.


Why was the message such a landmark/milestone/ground-breaker compared to all previous winners?

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The More the Merrier or Less is More on Social Media?

The More the Merrier or Less is More: How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Forfront’s Tip of the Month for October is all about social media. Specifically, how often you should post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. No business wants to drive their audience mad, but we don’t want to be forgotten either.

social media 4

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Quite some time ago we criticised a clothing retailer for its ridiculous email marketing frequency. Social media doesn’t face quite the same limitations; too many posts in a day won’t give the impression that a brand is invading someone’s personal space.

However, your audience still might be turned off if a company’s posts are dominating their timelines – while if that business hasn’t uploaded anything in a while it can be easy to forget about them.

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The Power of Email Marketing


The Power of Email Marketing

The following is based on a presentation given by Forfront’s Marketing Manager, Vicki Russell, to the Surrey Chambers of Commerce in September 2014.


How is email marketing performing in this highly competitive digital world? Is it still as effective as ever? Where can it go from here?

From a marketing perspective, these are very important questions to ask. The answers should influence how you modify and adjust your marketing strategy.

Email marketing has been a crucial cog in most businesses promotional approach for nearly two decades, but is it time for a change?

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What Does Apple’s iPhone 6 Mean For Email Marketing?


What Does Apple’s iPhone 6 Mean For Email Marketing?

These days, whenever Apple releases a new product it’s sure to shake up the digital sphere, or at least make people a bit anxious. However, with the iPhone 6 (and the ever-increasing mobile trend) there are several key issues for marketing professionals and businesses to be wary and aware of.

Now that the queues have died down and the first few phones have been vandalised, we felt like it was time to assess the iPhone 6’s email marketing significance.


Image source.

Disclaimer: We’re not even going to try to hazard a guess at what Apple’s Watches mean for marketing just yet. In fact, we had a bit of a think about that back in September 2013.

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Will You Capitalise On Mobile?


Will You Capitalise On Mobile – Or Will It Leave You Behind?

How often do you look at your phone? The average person checks it 110 times a DAY (and up to every 6 seconds in the evening).

Now, consider the public excitement, media fanfare and daft diehards queuing for days for the latest iPhone releases.

(Side note, watch this guy dropping his shiny iPhone 6 STRAIGHT AWAY).

It doesn’t take much insight to see that mobile is everywhere – and it is a trend that keeps gaining traction.

How to Evolve

However, it can be hard to see how businesses need to adapt to the world of rapidly evolving mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and… watches.

phone 2

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Forfront’s e-shot™ Announces Drag & Drop


Forfront’s e-shot™ Announces Drag & Drop Email Creation Method

One of the biggest problems with email marketing has always been the difficulty of creating messages.

For anyone without HTML coding experience (or a lot of patience and time on their hands) it can be very frustrating. This is especially off-putting when you need to create a message quickly.


Which is why we’re extremely pleased and excited to announce the release of a brand new Drag & Drop Editor on our email marketing system e-shot™!

Read more below.

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Press Release: Forfront and the AIA



Email marketing specialists Forfront announce strategic partnership with The Association of International Accountants (AIA)

The Association of International Accountants (AIA) and Forfront announce a strategic partnership to equip accountancy firms with the resources and knowledge to promote their services better and grow.

Research by the technology provider Wolters Kluwer found that less than a third (29.9%) of accountancy firms have dedicated marketing staff, yet just 31.2% outsource any promotional responsibilities (source). The AIA wants to change this situation in order for its members to prosper while Forfront is looking to consolidate its position in within this developing market.

Primarily, Forfront will offer its services and marketing guidance at preferential rates to AIA members so that they can easily acquire, retain and grow their customer bases through both email marketing software and bundled marketing services. The strategic partnership between AIA and Forfront will also benefit both businesses through co-marketing, an exchange of expertise, the production of unique content and services.

The AIA will promote Forfront’s services to The AIA members and contacts via its official publications, regular newsletters, dedicated web pages, a listing in an online services directory and on social media. Forfront will provide The AIA with comprehensive email marketing services and access to its innovative email marketing software, e-shot™.

Vicki Russell, Marketing Manager at Forfront, explained, “As an organisation with a long history of dealing with various accountancy firms we are delighted to be working closely with The AIA. We are exceptionally keen to enable its members to make use of our services to fulfil their potential while we believe this partnership will be hugely important for both organisations.”

This partnership came into effect at the start of September when The AIA began using Forfront’s e-shot™ system and The AIA’s members were made aware of Forfront’s services.

The Association of International Accountants (AIA)

The AIA is a global body for professional accountants with branches around the world in locations such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. It aims to create world class accountants; through offering high-standard, relevant and innovative qualifications, and providing first-class, tailored and pertinent services for its members around the world. Founded in 1928, The AIA has promoted the concept of ‘international accounting’ to create a global network of accountants in 105 countries worldwide.

Prepare For Christmas With Email Marketing


Prepare For Christmas With Email Marketing.

An apology in advance, this post mentions the word Christmas. More than once. It already has.

I know, I know, “But it’s only September!” “Summer is barely over!” “I’m still in my speedos!


Photo source.

Nevertheless, from an email marketing perspective it is absolutely vital to plan for the impending festive season right now.

Therefore our Email Tip of the Month for September is made up of three key points for email marketing at Christmas. So you can get prepared now, to properly capitalise on the season of goodwill.

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Email Campaign of the Month: Slipcase™ September 2014


Email Campaign of the Month for September: Slipcase™ – Sent 03.09.2014

Without any rambling, this month’s Email Campaign of the Month on the e-shot™ system has been awarded to Slipcase™ for its message sent 03/09/2014.

Slipcase™ is the (Re)Insurance Industry’s central content platform.

The reason we’ve abandoned a lengthy, tension-building intro this month is because we wanted to get straight to the point. Just as the email sent by Slipcase™ shows its quality without any preamble either!

Its glorious, artistic and effective banner image immediately grabbed our attention, right at the top of the email. A perfect eye-catching image to get recipients interested quickly.

Slipcase - Banner

Read on to see the full email and the other reasons Slipcase™ are worthy winners!

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