Public Sector Shake-up: How will the IR35 changes impact your projects?

ir35_bannerAt Budget 2016, the government announced some changes to the infamous IR35 legislation – the rules and guidance surrounding tax for contractors or personal service companies (PSCs). In a nutshell, the liability to pay correct employment tax will move from the contractor to the client. The big surprise however is that these changes, which will take effect in April 2017, will only affect contractors working for public sector clients. Whilst the legislation applies to all types of contractors, public sector organisations should give particular consideration to the most common contractors they work with – software developers. Continue reading

Email Marketing in the Vehicle Rental Industry

bannerMarketing in the vehicle rental industry has its blessings and its challenges. On the upside, businesses in this sector have the potential for rapid growth if they market themselves effectively. On the downside, it is difficult for vehicle rental companies to distinguish themselves in the mind of the customer. Effective marketing in this sector is all about establishing brand recognition in the minds of your customer base.

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Getting to know your clickers…


If you’d like to know more about CANDDI integration with e-shot™ and ready to build a profile of who’s interacting with your emails, then get in touch  with one of our lovely team today and book a demo.

A key part of your email marketing is knowing that your communication is being sent at the right time, to the right people with the right message.

A problem you may be facing however is understanding what your recipients actually do once they’ve been sent your email.

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Technology companies Forfront, Canddi and Miller Heiman partner to host the Sales and Marketing Loop Event.

Technology companies Forfront, Canddi and Miller Heiman partner to host the Sales and Marketing Loop Event.

For Immediate Release: July 18th, 2016.

Technology Event in Epsom an ‘Industry First’

Technology companies, Forfront and CANDDi last month partnered with Miller Heiman to deliver a complete sales and marketing masterclass entitled The Sales and Marketing Loop. SMEs from around Surrey, London and beyond attended the exclusive event, to broaden their knowledge on how Sales and Marketing departments can better align to increase engagement and leads.

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UK technology company, Forfront, develops a platform of digital marketing tools for businesses.

UK technology company, Forfront, develops a platform of digital marketing tools for businesses.

For Immediate Release: June 16th, 2016.

Despite increasing costs in digital marketing, technology company Forfront, which is most famous for its email marketing platform e-shot™, has recently released Forfront Marketing Tools – a suite of digital marketing tools, providing businesses with an end to end solution for digital strategy. By hosting these digital tools in one place and giving users the ability to generate easily as much digital marketing output as they want, Forfront has effectively found a way for businesses to reduce the cost of digital marketing whilst being able to actually increase their digital output.

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Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily. They want your site to have “mobile intelligent” features, like one-click to call. It is crucial that your website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure an optimum user experience. With roughly 30% of site visits coming from mobile devices, if you are only giving your users a shrunken version of your desktop site then you’ll be missing out on certain business due to user frustrations.

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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector


Is technology taking over?

Many of us have experiences of using services from the Public Sector. Whether that be paying on-line for services, populating forms or even downloading brochures and leaflets.

The consensus is that the Public Sector is being transformed by the introduction of digital and many processes are being digitalised not only for the end user but also for the benefit of Public Sector staff.

With the introduction of mobile and advanced online capabilities in data management there is one key question, are government services prepared for the digital age?

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