Tom McElligott Should Inspire Modern Marketers

Tom McElligott Should Inspire Modern Marketers

Tom McElligott was a humble, shy copywriter from the American Midwest, who largely operated during the 1980s and early 1990s. Sadly, he remains a vastly underappreciated master of his art.

McElligott is such a hero of mine that I found a way to write about him on this blog in the past.

I love the simple, smart style of his work which often uses humour or intelligence to make a point. But he doesn’t talk down to his audience with over-complicated concepts or pretentious wordplay.

rolling stone 1

These were part of one of his most famous ad campaigns, for Rolling Stone magazine. The publication was struggling to sell advertising space because it had an image problem – people thought its readership were hippies.

rolling stone 3 rolling stone 2

His work should be more widely admired – and modern marketers could take some inspiration from his campaigns. The minimalistic, memorable and powerful campaigns seem ideally suited to short attention spans and modern digital channels such as email marketing or social media.

Giving him a spotlight on this blog for a moment, I decided to focus on another ad campaign series that really captured my imagination, but is probably less well known than the Rolling Stone ads.

It’s clever, witty and still seems unique a quarter of a century later!

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Google To Calorie Count Instagram Food Pics

New Google Tech Will be Able to Calorie Count Instagram Food Pics

A photo posted by The Food Porno (@foodporno) on

We’ve written about Google twice on this blog recently, here and here, but those posts focused on the (admittedly rather dry) SEO and algorithm side of things.

This week we can shine a light on something a touch more futuristic.

According to, Google “Is reportedly working on an AI (artificial intelligence) project”, which is aiming to “count the calories for each piece of food that people take photos of”.

Don’t worry, I’ve checked, the article wasn’t posted on April 1st.

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Google Algorithm Update 2015: What Now?

Google Algorithm Update 2015: What Now?

Google’s Recent Changes Could Have Already Had Costly Repercussions for Your Business


As of April 21st, you will have fallen down Google’s search rankings if your website isn’t mobile-friendly – and this could seriously impact your revenue. But it’s not too late to do something about it.

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Google Algorithm Update 2015: Are You Ready?

Google Algorithm Update 2015: Are You Ready?

On 21st April, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll plummet down Google’s search rankings.

Potentially seismic Google changes will come into effect in just eight days.


Read on below for more information and advice for how to prepare your business to maintain, or even improve, its Google ranking.

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Email Campaign of the Month: Wentbridge House

Email Campaign of the Month for March: Wentbridge House

Sent 16.02.15

The Forfront Email Campaign of the Month winner for February has been chosen. Claiming the prize with an effective, simple and concise message is… Wentbridge House!

Set in 20 acres of countryside and surrounded by the breath-taking scenery of West Yorkshire’s Went Valley, Wentbridge House provides the perfect place to escape, relax and unwind. A multi-award-winning country house hotel, Wentbridge offers comfortable bedrooms, delicious food, beautiful gardens & friendly service.

wentbridge 1

Read on below to see the campaign and discover why it has claimed our monthly award.

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Important e-shot™ Update Announcement

In a few weeks we’ll be releasing one of the biggest e-shot™ updates ever.

We’re delighted to announce that an extremely significant e-shot™ update is almost here.

The update will include lots of incredible new features – all at no extra cost – and it will be one of the largest e-shot™ releases to date.


Read on below for a summary of the exciting new features and tools that are coming to the e-shot™ email marketing platform very soon.

e-shot™ users will receive an email with further details shortly before the release date.

If you’re not an e-shot™ user and would like to learn more about the system and this update, click here to send us a message online or call 020 3320 8777.

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Summer Email Marketing Inspiration: 2015

 Summer Email Marketing Inspiration: 2015 UPDATE

This post was originally published in July 2014. It proved so popular that we thought we should recycle the blog, but only after dragging it kicking and screaming from 2014 into 2015. The Brazilian FIFA World Cup is out, and the Cycling Tour de Yorkshire is most definitely in...

You’re hot, you’re bothered and you need to send an email campaign.

Undoubtedly, the summer presents a unique set of challenges for email marketing success.

There’s no two ways about it, your audience are going to be in and out of work and more distracted than usual!

That’s why we’ve put together this guide; to show you a variety of ways to turn summer email marketing difficulties into positives.

Watch as your summertime emails not only do better than expected, but better than ever!


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21 Tricks for Exceptional Email Copywriting

21 Tricks for Exceptional Email Copywriting

Although you might not realise it, the content of your email campaigns could be costing you time, money and subscribers.

You don’t have to be writing abominable copy; even tiny oversights or missed opportunities might turn a potential buyer into an unsubscriber.

We’ve put together these 21 tricks so your email copywriting doesn’t fall into common traps, annoy your readers or disgust your recipients.

Heed our words of wisdom to get more people following your instructions, enjoying your campaigns and buying from your business.

mad men


There’s no need for a complex strategy or shady tactics to transform your email copywriting. Our 21 email copywriting tricks will help you get real results, right away.

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Email Campaign of the Month: The Rock

Email Campaign of the Month for February: The Rock

Sent 16.02.15

The Forfront Email Campaign of the Month winner for February has been chosen. Claiming the prize with a mouth-watering message is… The Rock!

Developed in 2010, The Rock is a vibrant retail and leisure scheme in Bury that includes Debenhams and M&S as its flagship stores, flanked by Primark, JD, Next, River Island and H&M stores. The Rock is a mixed-use scheme offering a shopping, dining and leisure experience all within one complex.

The campaign was based around the indulgent, tasty treats available in The Rock’s food outlets.

the rock

Discover why it has claimed our monthly award below.

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