Email Campaign of the Month: Liquidline – August 2014


Email Campaign of the Month for August – Liquidline – Sent 17.07.14

Hand-picked from the thousands of emails sent on e-shot™ over the past four weeks, the victorious Campaign of the Month is, as usual, a very deserving champion.

Without any waffle, let’s get down to business.

The winner is Liquidline for their campaign, “Introducing Cafétouch”!


A huge round of applause is in order for this very attractive, inviting and effective email. As a coffee lover I was immediately drawn to the Cafétouch (but that’s not the only reason we’ve selected their email!)

Read on to learn exactly why their message has claimed our coveted prize.

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Sizzling Summer Email Marketing Ideas


Summer Email Marketing Ideas

You’re hot, you’re bothered and you need to send an email campaign…

Undoubtedly, the summer presents a unique set of challenges for email marketing success.

There’s no two ways about it, your audience are going to be in and out of work and more distracted than usual!

That’s why the Forfront Tip of the Month for August shows you a variety of ways to turn these difficulties into positives.

Watch as your summertime emails not only do better than expected, but better than ever!


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Exceptional Examples of Email Capture Form Popups


Exceptional Examples of Email Capture Form Popups 

Capturing emails is an essential facet of email marketing. The more email addresses you get people to voluntarily submit, the more people will happily receive your email campaigns.

This should, ultimately, lead to a vastly superior return from your email marketing.

People use various methods to add to their address book, such as manually collecting email addresses at events, asking for them in person at the till in a shop, offering discounts on social media in return for signups etc.

However, social media expert Dan Zarrella’s research is extremely interesting. Zarrella firmly believes in websites using email capture form popups, giving people an upfront option to subscribe.

urban data capture

Some people are quick to scoff at popup boxes. Sure, they conjure up images of the darkest days of the internet, but we’re not talking mid-90′s spam bombardment here.

This article looks at the variety of clever, modern email capture form popup boxes that see people subscribing in their droves.

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Hot App Uber’s Cool Ice Cream Campaign


The controversial taxi app Uber has today launched an ice cream promotion around the globe.

It’s another in a series of very clever PR moves from the company who rocketed into the public consciousness with their black taxi strike stunt in June.

Yesterday, I received this email from the company:

uber ice cream

At around the same time as the above email screen shot, with well-planned cross-channel marketing, Uber announced on Twitter what was going on:

While the ferocious storms last night might have shaken Southern England, that doesn’t look set to dampen today’s impending heat-wave. Temperatures in London are expected to hit up to 31 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest day of 2014 so far.

Uber have creatively found a perfect way to take advantage of the fierce summer sun, using it for brand awareness, public good will and a load of positive column inches.

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Three are Sorry for all the Holiday Spam


Earlier in the week the mobile phone network Three launched a brilliant advertising campaign called Stop Holiday Spam, created by the agency Wieden+Kennedy London.


The premise and delivery of the ad is bold, as a balding newsreader-type asks the nation to forgive Three for unleashing a barrage of social media holiday-bragging.

You see, it’s all Three’s fault.

They now allow “customers to use their phones in 16 destinations worldwide, like they would at home”, with “no extra cost for calling and texting back home. No extra cost for data”. And because of their generosity, us Brits are bombarded with photos, posts and tweets of sunsets, infinity pools, street food and “plane wing after plane wing”.

When I first saw the ad my TV was droning on in the background. I stopped, looked up from my laptop and paid attention – which is an impressive feat.

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Make the Most of Personalisation in Email



Personalisation is a core advantage of email marketing.

To put it in the simplest terms possible, it means a message begins with the name of the recipient. Whether that’s their first name, last name, salutation or any other field in your database.

The beauty of this is that it works whether you’re sending to a thousand, ten thousand or ten million people – as long as your database is sorted properly.

However, no matter how clever the technology is, you have to use email marketing’s personalisation tools well to get the most out of them. Which is why Forfront’s email marketing tip of the month for July is all about making the most from personalisation in email.

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Email Campaign of the Month: De Rigo – July 2014


Thousands of campaigns have been sent on the e-shot™ system this month. After looking through them carefully, we eventually agreed on a very worthy winner. Like everything else on this blog (and in the world) at the moment, it’s World Cup themed.

Without further ado, the July award for Email Campaign of the Month goes to…
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The 10 Worst World Cup Adverts 2014


It’s finally, finally, finally here! The 2014 FIFA World Cup is in full flow.


Image: source.

With half of the games on ITV it’s more than likely you’ve been exposed to an awful lot of football-themed advertising already – in between Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon discussing dubious refereeing decisions, melting in the heat and pretending to understand Fabio Cannavaro.


Image: source.

The email marketing from teams heading off to Brazil wasn’t particularly good. Are the big budget, superstar-laden, TV World Cup adverts any better?

The really big guns – Nike, Coca-Cola, Beats, Budweiser etc. – dominate the airwaves with their blockbuster promotional productions. Yet the money thrown at them doesn’t mean they’re any good. For instance, two campaigns feature incredibly annoying slogans, “Celebrate As One” (Budweiser) and “One World, One Game” (Coca-Cola).

However, here at Forfront we thought it would be a good idea to dissect some of the absolute worst World Cup marketing we’ll be forced to endure this summer, so you can prepare your mute buttons.

I thought having to listen to Andy Townsend was punishment enough, but no. Things get much worse once half time is upon us.


Image: source.

Added apologies in advance, but the wooden-acting, crisp-eating, foul-mouthed, dandruff-free England goalkeeper, Joe Hart, features not once, not twice, but three times.

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Paddy Power’s Perfect World Cup Marketing Prank


When I first saw this photograph I was shocked. It seemed genuine.

Had Paddy Power really cut down vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest to create an encouraging message to the England squad in the build up to the 2014 Brazilian World Cup?

Of course, Paddy Power has tested the boundaries of good taste, decency and ethics with their advertising ploys in the past.

There was the time they sponsored the North Korean basketball team – which may have broken UN sanctions.

They positioned a Grim Reaper in the stands at Everton’s Goodison Park, lurking behind David Moyes towards the end of his doomed time in charge of Manchester United.

They dressed Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner in branded pants, which he exhibited after scoring at Euro 2012 and received a one match ban and a 100,000 euro fine for his troubles.

Plus, they sent giant adult babies on to the tube to mark the birth of Prince George, erected a Roy Hodgson Christ the Redeemer statue on the White Cliffs of Dover (see below) and got Professor Stephen Hawking to deduce a way that England can win the World Cup.

Click here for a long list of their shenanigans.


(Photo source).

However, this latest stunt crossed from the usual level of public disapproval or amusement into utter disbelief, outrage, death threats… and one angry Hobbit.

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Citymapper Are App to Their Old Tricks (Again)

It might have reached a stage now where we seem like Citymapper crusaders, constantly going on about their app update release notes (like we did here and here).

However, we’re genuinely just really impressed by their ingenuity and drive to do things differently. They go beyond the dismal “bug fixes” and “small tweaks” release notes.

Other apps don’t try to disguise the banality of “performance improvements”, whereas Citymapper have clearly realised that there’s room for improvement when it comes to how apps engage and charm their users.

Indeed, the travel app are up to their old tricks once again this week.

Citymapper Spain

Declaring the launch of their app in several new Spanish cities – by popular demand – the company have announced the release in typically quirky and irreverent fashion.

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