Delia Online Boost Their Email Marketing With e-shot™


About Delia Online

Over the past four decades Delia Smith has informed, entertained and educated with recipes and information about food and cookery. Through her books, television series, newspaper columns and magazine work she has achieved an unmatched position of popularity in the UK: Delia has sold over 21 million copies of her books worldwide.

This relationship has been extended online. Launched in March 2001, Delia Online quickly established itself as the UK’s leading cookery site. It offers 2000 recipes drawn from Delia’s cookery books, as well as new recipes developed specifically for the site, advice about ingredients and equipment and a cookery school that takes visitors through the fundamentals of cookery.

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What type of marketer are you?


There is no right or wrong approach to marketing but having a firm understanding of your own style and recognising your personal strengths and (just as importantly) weaknesses will help you define your approach and ensure that your strengths and being used to good effect and any weaknesses you may have are supplemented by the right tools and people…

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3 Christmas Campaign ideas to share…


We’ve got 3 Christmas Campaign ideas to share with you.

We’ve got some ideal festive email marketing options that will prepare your company for the upcoming holiday season, whatever industry you’re in.

Put your feet up, grab a couple of mince pies and sip some mulled wine while we save you time and money by ensuring an extra spike in sales activity during the run up to Christmas.

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Roxhill Media boost email marketing through e-shot™

Roxhill Media Rectangle

About Roxhill Media

Roxhill Media provides detailed media intelligence for PR specialists in financial and B2B media relations. They started using e-shot™ for the first time in 2015 and have been using Forfront’s services with visible results and ROI with both customers and prospects.

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Many know the name, but do you know the story…?

Where it all started for Forfront…



It all started in 1998 in Epsom, Surrey. Just four of us, with specialist skills and a lot of enthusiasm. To begin with we created a variety of e-commerce solutions and a unique suite of web tools.

Our email marketing product was the most well-received. It took off in a way we’d not anticipated and quickly gained a reputation for being powerful, intelligent and simple.

As a result we began to develop e-shot™

The first version of e-shot™ launched in 2001. In the fourteen years since we’ve sent over 93 billion emails, for thousands of clients. Version 5 is one of the most effective, fast and capable email marketing tools out there.

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Bazinga! Who’s playing sly pranks on Microsoft’s marketing team?

This week Microsoft presented their latest strides in the tech space to hundreds of budding fans.

Most notably, after Windows 10, ‘smarter working’ seems to be the tag line which underpins Microsoft’s leap into 2016. However, something happened this week we’re not quite sure about…


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FREE: NO MORE PAPER. You are smarter, your are efficient and you are now mobile!

With companies taking advantage of mobile and tablet devices for their employees, there is a growing popularity and interest around using business-to-employee (B2E) apps to enhance staff productivity and reduce paper work.

According to an industry survey, 53% of enterprises are planning the development of between one and five B2E applications.

sales 6

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100 years’ development experience

100 years’ development experience

Realising your ideas

Dev experience



Throughout our history we have specialised in designing, writing, hosting and maintaining software solutions including: Software as a Service (SaaS); online applications; websites; ecommerce projects and Application Service Provision (ASP).

We use cutting-edge technology to create digital solutions that enable thousands of companies to work more efficiently and grow their business.

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