Is your legacy software a cyber security risk?

The risk that running legacy software can pose your business has now hit mainstream news. And whilst Microsoft quickly and effectively released a patch in response to the Wannacry attack that hit the NHS, among others, earlier this month – a valuable lesson has been given to the business world….

So the eyes of the media are focussing on legacy systems. Bespoke unsupported systems that are out of date and presenting their owners with significant cyber security risk as they don’t adhere to best practice or modern quality standards.

But don’t get confused about the key learning of these recent events. Whilst scaremongering stories are starting to appear suggesting it is the bespoke nature of the software which is the element that is a risk factor – fundamentally this is not the case.

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GDPR in a Nutshell for Email Marketers

GDPR in a nutshell

After almost five years of work, the GDPR is set to modernise the European Data Protection Laws that have been in place since 1995. Do you remember what the world was like in 1995? The world is a very different place today than it was just over a decade ago.

GDPR will introduce new ways citizens can control how their personal data is used, with greater responsibilities on both data controllers and data processers. The idea is that it will make the data regulations united across the EU member states, and will apply to all data subjects within the EU. And regardless of Brexit, the ICO is committed to ratifying the European standards.

So, in a nutshell GDPR requires that personally identifiable information is processed lawfully, fairly and transparently. GDPR will have implications throughout your business, but as email marketing is our speciality, below are some of the key things that we feel email marketers need to understand.  Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Automation




“Email Automation” has become a buzzword for 2017. If you’re a business owner and you are actively searching to increase the efficiency of your email marketing strategy, then you’ve probably already heard of the concept.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods for engaging with customers. However, it is a rapidly changing landscape that is developing with the needs of the digitally advancing users.

So, are you truly aware of how automation can fit into and optimise your marketing strategy? Carry on reading our email automation guide to discover how to increase effective communication and brand awareness.

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How To Use SMS In A Marketing Strategy



The power of SMS marketing cannot be denied. Everywhere you go – people are on their mobile phones.

93% of adults own a mobile phone in the UK, with UK citizens collectively checking our smartphones over a billion times a day (Deloitte, 2016).The speed at which people check their phones in anticipation of seeing what the latest notification may entitle, proves mobile phones are a powerful way of getting your message seen by the right people.

In fact in the UK, 61% of users digital minutes are spent on their mobile phone, with 68% of website traffic coming through a mobile (comScore, 2016). This not only demonstrates the importance of having all platforms mobile friendly, but also the increasing amount of time spent on mobiles with a rising amount of attention being paid to this device.

Unsure as to how your business can use SMS marketing? Carry on reading this article to discover the benefits SMS marketing may provide, along with how you can implement SMS into your digital marketing strategy with ease.

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How The Travel Industry Uses Email In 2017

With so many changes currently taking place in the digital marketing landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with every trend – discerning which ones have staying power and, more importantly, which ones are actually relevant to your business. Holidays and travelling are a special time in people’s lives and knowing that their travel company has paid attention to their personal details is vitally important at every touch point the customer has with your brand. Continue reading

Top Tips for embracing SMS in your B2B marketing

Top Tips for embracing SMS in your B2B marketing

We are all addicted to our mobile phones, both for business and pleasure. But what makes it all the more appealing for B2B marketeers is that we are happy to use them to interact with our favourite brands.

SMS can boost your results, no matter what your industry, and used well can have a positive and amplifying effect on your communications.

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e-shot is evolving


PUT your brand in the Palm of their hand

We are delighted to announce that on 1st March we will be adding SMS messaging to the e-shot™ services broadening your campaign capabilities.

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Sign-up to success

Why should use (10)

Email remains the most effective digital communication channel, with 73% of companies agreeing that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI[1]. But it doesn’t matter how great your design and CTAs are, if your data is not clean and engaged. Your results just won’t reflect all your hard-work.

So how do you grow great quality data? With a super-smart sign-up form.

With new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on the horizon, there is no better time to review your data gathering process and tools. So take this opportunity for a spring clean. Then start as you mean to go on – with a killer sign up form that delivers you a growing list of permission-based, engaged subscribers.

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